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Digital Tools for Contemporary Art Practice ONLINE COURSE

An introduction to the digital tools and mediums available for art making. Each tool will be explored through hands-on tutorials and exercises that will cover a wide range of concepts and techniques. A variety of artworks and artists that utilize digital mediums will also be examined. (General Education Code: PE-T) ONLINE COURSE. Learn Fundamentals for: Image Editing (Adobe Photoshop) Vector Editing, Digital Drawing + Working with Text (Adobe Illustrator) Animation + Video (Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere) And explore a variety of other programs, apps and tools, from stop-motion to motion-capture, 3D modeling to 8-bit pixel builders, mobile sound loopers to online video mixers and more... EXPLORE + DEVELOP DIGITAL TECHNIQUES FOR: Photography + Photo Editing Graphic Design: Print / Web / UX / UI Presentations + Portfolios Printmaking, Mixed Media + Collage Typographic Design + Letterforms 3D Fabrication + Sculpture Animation, Video + Sound Interactive + Playable Media