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Digital Tools for Contemporary Art Practice ONLINE COURSE

Introduces the digital tools and mediums available to contemporary art practices. Tools are explored from a historical and theoretical context and from a technical perspective through hands-on tutorials. A variety of artworks that use digital mediums are also examined. Covers photo and vector editors, sound and video editing, basic 3D modeling, and images and interactions generated by code. Students should have basic computer literacy. (General Education Code(s): PE-T.) ONLINE COURSE Learn Fundamentals for: Image Editing (Adobe Photoshop) Vector Editing, Digital Drawing + Working with Text (Adobe Illustrator) Animation + Video (Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere) And explore a variety of other programs, apps and tools, from stop-motion to motion-capture, 3D modeling to 8-bit pixel builders, mobile sound loopers to online video mixers and more... EXPLORE + DEVELOP DIGITAL TECHNIQUES FOR: Photography + Photo Editing Graphic Design: Print / Web / UX / UI Presentations + Portfolios Printmaking, Mixed Media + Collage Typographic Design + Letterforms 3D Fabrication + Sculpture Animation, Video + Sound Interactive + Playable Media