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Special Topics in Drawing

Academic Year: 
Drawing on University Research from other Departments as subject matter. Drawing Research is a cross-disciplinary drawing studio and research seminar that will encourage students to push both their technical and intellectual limits. During class time, we will cultivate a rigorous observational drawing practice which will serve as the foundation for an approach to experimental drawing. Outside of class, students will be required to explore the broader university in order to take it on as their subject matter. Class assignments will be based on ‘field trips’ to lectures, labs, archives and conversations held outside of the Art Department. ‘Drawing’ on the diversity of approaches to research that students can find in this manner, we will seek to expand both our definition of, and our approach to, what drawing could mean for us today. Students are billed a materials fee. Prerequisite(s): Art 15, 20, 20A, 20G, 20J, 110, 111, or 112; and two non-drawing lower-division art studios (Art 20H, 20I, 20K, 21-40, and CMPS 25 or CMPM 25) or by permission of instructor. Enrollment restricted to art majors. May be repeated for credit.