Frank Galuszka


Painting, digital intaglio, science fiction

Research Interests: 

Cybernetics and Painting

Abstract Painting, Figure Painting, experimental forms, narrative, style, oil, acrylic, watercolor, etching, drawing, conceptual art, plein air painting, books


I am interested in approaches to painting both contemporary and historical; including approaches to form, content, style, concept and technique; the association of individual style with individual personality; issues of authorship including its re-establishment; the notion that painting is both an example of individual consciousness and a metaphor for individual consciousness; creativity and creative freedom; Mannerism, the Symbolist movement, and the Rococo; the structure of projects in art, notably those of Blake, Munch and Dali; Dali’s Paranoiac Critical Method; Philip K. Dick’s Exegesis; cybernetics and particularly second-order cybernetics as applied to art and the learning of art, emphasizing structural coupling and co-ontogenetic drift; contemporary research in the mythic scope of painting by Antonio Lopez Garcia, Anselm Kiefer, Willy Heeks and Brice Marden; establishment of communities and movements in art; Philadelphia non-photographic representational and figure painting, especially of the 1980’s, including Martha Erlebacher, John Moore, Susan Moore, Sarah McEneaney, Randall Exon, Frank Hyder, James McElhinney, Bo Bartlett, Peter Paone, Sidney Goodman, Judith Schaecter, Edith Neff, Charles Burns, Tina Newberry, Vincent Desiderio, Wayne Morris, Scott Noel, Roger Anliker, Charles Schmidt, Ben Kamihira, Larry Day, Laurie Fabricant, Victoria Davila, Anthony Apesos, John Woolsey, Renee Foulkes, Perky Edgerton, Anda Dubinskis, Joan Currin, Fred Danziger, Larry Francis, Irwin Weiss, Eric Holzman, Phil Giger, Tom Chimes, Frank Trefny, Sharon Horvath, Dan Dallman and others;  the use of digital means to advance painting; painting from life; life drawing; watercolor; printmaking; the PreRaphaelite Brotherhood; silent movies; critical writing and fiction.

Baskin Arts H-8
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Art Department

Baskin Visual Arts

UC Santa Cruz

1156 High Street

Santa Cruz, CA 95064

Education and Training: 
M.F.A., Tyler School of Art, Temple University
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