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VIRTUAL OPEN STUDIOS WINTER 2021: Art 119 Special Topics in Drawing: Explorations in Drawing - Reflections and Practices

Instructor - Sarah Sanford

Anya Lehman (they/them)

Anya Lehman 1

Anya Lehman

“We melt”

Mixed media on paper

Commentary on the rapid climate change and our bodies unpreparedness for this change.


Anya Lehman 2

Anya Lehman

“You’ll Outgrow Old Favorites”

Graphite on paper

Self portrait that brings attention to uncertainty in knowing what I look like and the hope of

personal growth.


Anya Lehman 3

Anya Lehman


Mixed media on paper

This work is a jumble of “identity evidence” expressed through multiple mediums, untraditional

tools, and layering techniques.


Anya Lehman

Anya Lehman


Mixed media on paper

Experimentation with intentional and unintentional marks.


Chloe Calhoun

Chloe Calhoun 1


Charcoal and graphite on paper

This drawing was completed over the course of a week, documenting each day. This self-portrait captures the stillness I feel as my life has almost slowed to a halt, with the only thing seemingly changing day to day being my emotional state.


Chloe Calhoun 2

“Beat” detail


Chloe Calhoun 3



Chloe Calhoun 4

“Bound by symmetry”

Sumi ink on paper


Diego Reza

Diego Reza 1

Diego Reza

“Pieces of Nature” 

Collage of Composite drawings, micron pen, watercolor on paper. 14.5 x 15.5 ”

After creating observational composite drawings of a space, I painted with watercolor on top of my drawing. I experimented with collaging them together on a separate piece of paper to recreate the whole space. The use of greens and blues mix together to create the greenery and the sky. Ultimately, the process of creating this project was my favorite.


Diego Reza 2

Diego Reza

“Made of Stardust”

Watercolor, white gel pen, and rubbing alcohol on paper, 18 x 24“

Using the process of mapping, I recreated the map of the constellations while adding my own twist to the background. Essentially, I see a direct connection between the stars, the universe and us. This is my interpretation of that.


Diego Reza 3

Diego Reza

“Breathe Easy”

Micron pen and watercolor, 18 x 24 “

When imagining the future, this is what I think will occur. Our air quality will become so bad to the point where private companies will create Greenhouse Hotels or spaces where people can pay to breathe good quality air. I believe affordable housing will also become unattainable and will lead to many people to lose their homes. However, this is one of the many possibilities and not exactly what will happen. That's for us to decide. 


Diego Reza 4

Diego Reza

“Self Portrait”

Pencil, ink, watercolor, micron pen, 18 x 24“

When I think about myself, I feel my anxiety is always present and clicking like a clock. The pink triangle is significant to my identity (if you know, you know). And lastly, my Knotts Berry Farm jacket that I wear way too much. 


Elena Ibbetson

Elena Ibbetson 1

Elena Ibbetson

7-Day Self Portrait


India ink and graphite on Stonehenge paper


Elena Ibbetson 2

Elena Ibbetson



Mixed media on Stonehenge paper


Elena Ibbetson 3

Elena Ibbetson



Charcoal, India ink, and collage


Ella Apuntar

Ella Apuntar 1

Ella Apuntar

“upstream storm system”

Watercolor, charcoal and graphite on Rives BFK paper

Inspired by satellite images of storm systems


Ella Apuntar 2

“upstream storm system” detail


Ella Apuntar 3

Ella Apuntar

“open heart surgery”

Watercolor and ink on Rives BFK paper

Exploring our reliance on technology for meaningful interactions


Ella Apuntar 4

Ella Apuntar

“self portrait”

Watercolor, ink, charcoal, colored pencil and graphite on cold press watercolor paper

Self portrait completed over the course of a week


Kiala Lujan

Kiala Lujan 1

Kiala Lujan


Mixed media and collage


Kiala Lujan 2

Kiala Lujan

Celestial Body

Watercolor and Gel pen


Kiala Lujan 3

Kiala Lujan


Watercolor and chalk pastel 


Kiala Lujan 4

Kiala Lujan

7 Day Self Portrait

Graphite Pencil


Mohini Batish

Mohini Batish 1

“Self Portrait”

Watercolor & India Ink


Mohini Batish 2

“Coral Reefs”

Watercolor & India Ink


Mohini Batish 3


Micron Pen & Inktense watercolor pencils


Nico Gu

Nico Gu 1

Nico Gu

“扫墓 (Visiting the Grave)”

Mixed media on BFK

扫 (sǎo) v. to sweep; to scan. 墓 (mù) n. tomb, grave


Nico Gu 2

Nico Gu


Acrylic on BFK

Things that ruin your day.


Noah Fox

Noah Fox 1

Noah Fox

“Out of Chaos, Man”

Watercolor, Charcoal, Pen, Ink on Paper

Through circular, repetitive motions, the form of a human body is fleshed out onto the page


Noah Fox 2

Noah Fox

“Who am I?”

Acrylic, Charcoal, Coffee+Isopropyl, Crayon, Coconut Oil, Dirt on Paper

Each unconventional mark on the paper represents a facet of myself. Coffee for my personality, circles for anxiety, blue and orange balance masculine and feminine opposites, car tire represents freedom and dominance, while hand and face prints represent feeling trapped. 


Noah Fox 3

Noah Fox

“Seven Day Self Portrait”

Colored Pencil on Paper

Beginning with a blank page and a mirror, over a course of seven days I was able to captute my own face onto the page.


Odalys Juarez

Odalys Juarez 1

Title: Let Loose

Medium: Ink, Watercolor, and Pencil on BFK Paper 

Description: This was an assignment where I tried to let go of all my restricting thoughts. I allowed myself to simply go with whatever felt right in the moment. The watercolor are the blue and red color blocks, the ink are the blobs in the middle and the pencil/pen are the shapes and outside markings.


Odalys Juarez 2

Title: Alien Camp

Medium: Watercolor and Charcoal on BFK Paper

Description: The assignment was to use observational and imaginative techniques into future predictions. I chose to display what I thought would happen if aliens arrived in the future, while also making a social commentary on the immigration camps that exist today.


Odalys Juarez 3

Title: Seven Day Mirror

Medium: Watercolor on BFK Paper

Description: The assignment was to make a 7-day self portrait that shows change throughout the process.


Rebecca Northup

Rebecca Northup 1

Rebecca Northup

“I Don’t Know What I Look Like”

Acrylic wash, charcoal, collage, burnt sienna

This is a 7-day self portrait. I have struggled with body dysmorphia for as long as I can remember, so self portraits have always been a struggle for me. I decided to run with that concept.


Rebecca Northup 2

Rebecca Northup 3

Rebecca Northup


Coffee, bleach, marker, micron

This is a piece that explores linework, intuitive markmaking, and experimental processes with bleach and staining. I wanted to dive into the idea of topography.


Rebecca Northup 4

“Future Predictions for Virtual Meetups”

Rebecca Northup

Colored pencil, gel pen, charcoal

I wanted to experiment with the idea of the future and what virtual reality may look like in 20 years. It could feel lonely, like this image depicts, and may exist on some sort of virtual plane such as the grid depicted.