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ART 175: Virtual Open Studios Fall 2020

Virtual Open Studios Fall 2020: ART 175 - Taking Art to the Streets

Instructor: John Jota Leanos

Sarah Lynn 

Sarah Lynn 1

Pen and Highlighter on Sticker
These stickers try to convey visually and via text a message to my neighbors that antiracist change starts with we individuals in small communities through the destruction of Neighborhood Watches.

Sarah Lynn  2

Close up of “notice” stickers

Sarah Lynn  3

Acrylic on Paper
This piece is a message from the future which attempts to visually center BIPOC folks and the earth’s healing in coming years. With the sunrise of a new day and leaves beginning to sprout on the tree, a message of growth and positive change is hopefully conveyed. 

Sarah Lynn  4

Close up of “nourish”