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Art 180B - Virtual Open Studios Spring 2021

ART 180B Sculpture II Virtual Open Studios Spring 2021 

Instructors - Dee Hibbert-Jones, Dana Hemenway

Amelia Smyth

Amelia Smyth 1

Amelia Smyth 2


Pen Sculpture made from pens and glue

This abstract sculpture was made to discuss efficiency and to blur the lines between what is an object and what is a tool. Also asks the question of how can a tool become a thing?


Amelia Smyth 3


Plaster and Alginate

This sculpture aims to give the mental understanding of man made organisms a physical form, to show that what we understand now as natural, is truly made by the hands of humans.


Amelia Smyth 4

“Kinetic Pasta”

Glue, water, Linguine Pasta

This sculpture was the result of playing with different pasta forms to create a visually kinetic sculpture of two different textured pastas forming into one. This showcases what pasta can be through different textured forms of expression.

Lio Godinez 1

Duct tape sculpture

Duct tape

This sculpture is purely form and is meant to exist in space with its weight


Lio Godinez 2

Rhino paperweight


Meant to be a small jab at aftermarket recasting of warhammer figures, an ebay listing presented as an art piece



Lio Godinez 3

Cruiser weight

Glass pane, wood, plywood, silicone, shattered glass

Meant to encapsulate the psychological feeling of being on a scale 



Lio Godinez 4

Junktec instruments

Cans, duct tape , flagging tape, can tabs, yogurt tubs

Musical instruments made with the materials gathered from the natural habitat of a suburban young man

Jarod “Watsu” Fowler

Jarod “Watsu” Fowler 1

Jarod “Watsu” Fowler 2

Jarod “Watsu” Fowler

“3 Questions”

Mixed Media on Cardboard

Anonymous but public. This project allows participants to be vocal with their thoughts with the ability of remaining private. Answer the questions Honestly. Take this time to reflect on yourself and express yourself. Write your answers large or small, just be mindful of space for others to answer. Draw images if you think a picture would answer the question better. Remember to have fun. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. Thank you. -Jarod >=-P


Jarod “Watsu” Fowler 3

Jarod “Watsu” Fowler 4

Jarod “Watsu” Fowler

“300 rocks”

Acrylic Paint on Photo Mats

This piece was created using a set of rules I placed beforehand. I would have to hand-throw 300 paint-dipped rocks at the target from about 9 feet away. I was only allowed to throw a number of rocks equal to the number landed on a roll of a 6-sided dice (1=1 rock, 2=2 rocks, etc.). I would continue to roll the dice with my left hand and throw the rocks with my right hand until all 300 were thrown.

Shelby Johnson

Shelby Johnson 1

“Process sculpture with panty hose”

recycled panty hose, sand, stones, wood

This process based assignment inspired several rounds of experimentation with a single chosen object. I chose nylon tights and pantyhose as my object of choice and went through the process of creating a number of test sculptures and this final piece, which was constructed in my backyard with sand and large river rocks hanging from a handmade wooden pedestal at a range of different heights. 


Shelby Johnson 2

“There’s knocking at the gate; act v, scene i”

Soy wax cast and candles on glass plate

Inspired by the literary character Lady Macbeth, a life cast hand sits in a pool of bloody red candle wax. As the candles melt, the hand heats up and begins to drip into the pool of dark wax.


Shelby Johnson 3

“Roseville Community Micro Garden Project”

Recycled wooden pallet, screws, acrylic paint, soil, plants

Started in spring 2021, theRoseville Community Micro Garden Project is a public art project created to support my neighbors and make connections in my immediate community through the revolutionary act of gardening in public space. this project is ongoing and new micro gardens are in the process of being built and distributed. each garden is made from recycled materials and plants donated by community members and are then installed on public property or in the front yards of community members.


Shelby Johnson 4

“That thing made from the old keys”

recycled keys, stainless steel, fishing line

Tasked with the challenge of creating a new “tool” or “thing”, this sound sculpture made of recycled key chimes creates original and charming musical phrases with the help of the wind and human interaction.

Suzanne Lee

Suzanne Lee 1

Suzanne Lee


Egg Sculpture


Suzanne Lee 2

Suzanne Lee


Egg Sculpture


Suzanne Lee 3

Suzanne Lee


Egg Sculpture