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Art 189 - Virtual Open Studios Spring 2021

ART 189 Special Topics in Sculpture: Materiality - Foundry and Beyond Virtual Open Studios Spring 2021

Instructor - Sean Monaghan

Jarod “Watsu” Fowler

Jarod “Watsu” Fowler 1

Jarod “Watsu” Fowler 2

Jarod “Watsu” Fowler 3

Jarod “Watsu” Fowler



What started out as a flower pot which turned into a top hat which then ended up being a multifunctional container. The “MAGIC HAT” has some weight to it and it holds about 2 cups. There are some holes for objects to be clipped on to on the edges and the tail can hang things as well. It could even be used as a little holder for a number of items. For whatever it’s purpose is, I’m glad it was able to be made and a huge thank you to Sean for putting in the work to make it out of bronze.


Jarod “Watsu” Fowler 4

Jarod “Watsu” Fowler



This is my puzzle piece to a much larger group piece which resembled a vaccine needle. “Panacea” was the term used to describe the larger piece in which it was constructed with smaller puzzle pieces that had different forms of healing on them. With that in mind, I interpreted a “panacea” could possibly be music because it has a strong healing aspect that can influence the feelings of others.

Jasmine Djavahery

Jasmine Djavahery 1

Jasmine Djavahery 2

Jasmine Djavahery 3

Zoë Hruby-Linstrom

Zoë Hruby-Linstrom 1

Zoë Hruby-Linstrom 2

Zoë Hruby-Linstrom 3

Zoë Hruby-Linstrom 4

Zoë Hruby-Linstrom

“Closing Spring Zeitgeist”

Lost-wax cast bronze with black patina. 

This bronze candelabra was created as a self-portrait intended to express the intricate confusions I’ve experienced over the last quarter. Noticing how my lisp has increased and burdened my language with interacting with new people has been an immense source of anxiety, as well as the complicated relationship I’ve had with my hair. It feels safe to stay with what I’m familiar with, however as the pandemic is locally relieved and I grow older, I know it’s better for me to become comfortable with the inevitable external and internal changes pushing from within my psyche.