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ART Independent Studies: Virtual Open Studios Fall 2020

Virtual Open Studios Fall 2020: ART Independent Studies

Klytie Xu, Independent Study with Laurie Palmer

This quarter, I made an artists book about colors and names; starting with an interest in how colors get named, and ending up thinking and writing about how names and colors are similar in their transformative qualities; as they become affixed and detached to and from a person, an object, or a being. How do colors and names change based on their relation to identity and the selves we choose? How do we rely (or not) on language to name colors and people when both colors and identities are constantly shifting and slipping? 

For Each Name, A Color; For Each Color, A Name

In this first iteration of my exploration into colors and names, I've included my writing, family photos, and some ink drawings using inks I've made this quarter out of natural materials (including redwood cones, rose petals, walnut hulls.) 

Saul Villegas

Art 199
FALL 2020
Independent Studies
Professor Elizabeth Stephens
Collaborators: Thomas Guilderson  & Matt McCarthy

Saul Villegas 1


A Speculative Fiction & Alternative Present Digital Mixed Media Project

Where does the line between the past, present, and future blur? How can we create a moment to alter our understanding of a subject based on contextualized imagery? Thinking beyond our visual field requires imagination, speculation of how and why someone’s environment creates alternative paradigms. The present series Deep-Sea Coral II  reimagines the deepsea dives as an opportunity to visualize the abstract nature of the ocean. Utilizing the archives from submersible equipment and photography recreates scenes that are vibrant and bioluminescent. Digitally enhancing the imagery allows the viewer to experience those opportunities of coming into close contact with creatures of the sea. Coral and their varied environments tell us a story through chemicals accumulated through time in their protein-based branches. What can these findings tell us? Access to these archives presented a way to look into a future environment not yet explored. We could begin to think of our oceans’ vastness as a parallel to the subconscious and the infinite possibilities coexisting in alternative perspectives.