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3D Art and Design: Laser Cutting and CNC Routing

Emphasizes the conceptual aspects of 3D art and design using the laser cutter to prototype and experiment with construction methods and materials to create, represent, respond to, and reflect on 3D forms in space. Students learn about mixed-media fabrication techniques, materials, and processes that include using a woodshop and metal-fabrication shop. The course is structured around assignments that develop individual expressiveness, research skills, creative industry, and class participation. Students are billed a materials fee. (Formerly 3D Art and Design Studio 1.) May be repeated for credit. One course from ART 20H, 20K,101,102,103,107,108,120,121,122,124,125,129,146T, 172,180B,183,188, or 189 and two courses from ART 15, 20G, 20I, 20J, 20L, or 26. Enrollment is restricted to art majors.