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Special Topics in Sculpture - Environmental Art: Relating to the Earth Through the Senses

This class encourages art making that expands environmental awareness through embodied, sensory explorations with the Earth. Emphasis is placed on a range of contemporary studio practices, including: sculpture, installation, and performance art. We will engage the campus and surrounding environs as our primary material and inspiration. Regular critiques, readings and discussions will provide a broader context for student work. Requirements Prerequisite(s): One course from ART 20H, ART 120, ART 121, ART 122, ART 124, ART 125, ART 129, ART 172, ART 175, ART 180B, ART 183, ART 188; and two non-sculpture/intermedia/public art lower-division studios from ART 15, ART 20G, ART 20I, ART 20J, ART 20K, ART 20L, ART 26. Enrollment is restricted to art majors. Repeatable For Credit