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Studios and Shops

Image of Digital Imaging Lab

"The Cellar" is a 1500 square foot state-of-the-art digital imaging facility located on the ground floor of the Digital Arts Research Center. The room is a neutral color space which has been specifically designed to meet international standards for color viewing and evaluation.

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UCSC Foundry photo

The Foundry is a state of the art facility with an overhead crane, two furnaces, and a burn-out kiln for evacuation of the wax. The kiln space accommodates all the works for a class of 20 students in one firing and offers solid mold investing as well as ceramic shell. It is the last operating... [more]

lighting studio 1

The Art Department Lighting Studio is designed to provide art students with a controlled lighting studio space that expands on their image making process through hands on experimentation with technical, aesthetic, theoretical, and conceptual issues related to artificial lighting used in still... [more]

Image of Metal Shop

The metal shop has all tools and machinery necessary to work with a variety of metals, including welding, bending, and cutting. Students enrolled in art courses, with proper training, have access five days a week to this shop when a monitor is present.

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Painting Studio 2

Three spacious painting studios feature abundant natural and artificial light.  They are used for acrylic, oil and mixed-media painting.  Students enrolled in courses using these spaces have 24-hour access to the studios, seven days a week.

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Paper Store

The Paperstore is located in room G-103 in the Art Department at UCSC. 


Photo of Camera

The photo checkout is a resource for photo students to get access to analog film cameras of various formats as well as digital SLRs and other photography accessories.  Camera handling skills are also taught here in a 1:1 student to Staff Resource Associate ratio. 

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Photo of Cellar

The Photography area has designated class space for lecture and critiques, as well as a black and white darkroom for processing prints.  The students enrolled in Photo classes have access to the darkroom 7 days a week.  The new, state-of-the-art computer lab in the Digital Arts Research Center... [more]

The printmaking studio during Open Studios


The Printmedia area contains studio space for lithography, etching, mono printing, wood block printing and digital printmaking. An adjacent archive room is used for preparing prints. Students enrolled in printmedia courses have access to this studio five days a week... [more]

Image of Sculpture Studio

Several classrooms are designated sculpture spaces, and are supported by the wood shop and metal shop.  The wood shop contains band saws, table saws, and all wood working tools necessary to support visual arts programs.  

In the metal shop, all tools and machinery necessary to work with a... [more]

Image of Woodshop

This is a fully functioning wood shop containing band saws, table saws, and all woodworking tools necessary to support visual art programs. Students enrolled in art courses, with proper training, have access five days a week to this shop when a monitor is present.

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