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Lighting Studio

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The Art Department Lighting Studio is designed to provide art students with a controlled lighting studio space that expands on their image making process through hands on experimentation with technical, aesthetic, theoretical, and conceptual issues related to artificial lighting used in still and moving image production. This studio is available to undergraduate and graduate students who have completed the required Lighting Studio Workshops (1 & 2)

Lighting Studio Facility includes:

  • Wall mounted seamless backdrops (black, grey, white)
  • Portable seamless stands
  • Table top shooting station
  • Strobes and/or hot lights
  • Camera stand, booms, and light stands
  • C-stands
  • An assortment of light modifiers, soft boxes
  • Variously sized grids and reflectors
  • Sand bags
  • Apple boxes
  • as well as the ancillary equipment and tools used in media production (diffusion, gels, v-boards, grip gear)

Mandatory Lighting Workshops (1 & 2)

Two mandatory lighting workshops are offered at the beginning of each quarter. Workshops provide studio safety and technical information including set lighting, electronic flash, strobe and continuous light, camera synching, blocking and shaping of light and the light meter. In addition to the introduction of technical and practical aspects of the various ways a Lighting Studio can function for your productions, students are introduced to creative approaches in building a personal aesthetic and a conceptual foundation for their image making processes.

In the hands on workshops students gain skills in:

  • Lighting studio safety
  • Basic strobes & hot light functions
  • Light meters
  • Explore and test a variety of lighting instruments
  • Discuss lighting choices & creative concepts
  • Recognize the proper setup, logistics, organization, safety, and care of lights and related studio equipment
  • Conceptualize and draw lighting diagrams
  • Utilize lighting to support conceptual intention
  • Develop effective studio practices workflow
  • Apply advanced lighting techniques on location and in the studio

Documentation Lighting Workshop

A “How to Document Your Artwork” lighting workshop is offered one time per quarter. Whether you are a illustrator, printmaker, painter or sculptor, students will gain basic lighting skills and photographic knowledge to document their artwork for portfolios, websites, applications, and/or for their own archives.

Art Department Lighting Studio Policy


  • Lighting Studio has a reservation limit of 4 hours in a single day and no more than 12 hours in a single week.
  • Students will be billed for any lost or damaged equipment due to negligence or abuse. This does not include malfunction due to normal wear and tear.
  • Please do not prop the door open while the lighting studio is unattended.
  • Use of the lighting equipment is only for students who have completed and satisfied the prerequisites for Lighting Studio access and use. Any misuse or abuse of the Lighting Studio may result in loss of access.
  • Reservation Limits: Appointments must be between 30 minutes and 4 hours in length.
  • Users must have completed Art Department Lighting Workshops (1 & 2) and have approval to check out the studio given by Art Department Faculty and/or Photo SRA.
  • Access is limited to persons who have been granted Omnilock access.
  • Please report any damaged or burnt out bulbs immediately to the Photo SRA. Contact: Jack Chapman,
  • There is a strictly enforced "NO EATING OR DRINKING" policy in all media production areas.
  • People using the studio are also responsible for theft, damage, misuse, or lack of cleanliness.
  • Wrap light and extension cables, close barn doors, hang or collapse soft boxes, lower light stands to their lowest level.
  • When finished, students must clean up and return equipment to its proper place. Put ALL lights and support equipment back in the cages when finished and lock these cages. You are responsible for all items in the studio.
  • Turn off studio lights when finished.
  • NO animals (except licensed service animals), glitter, fake blood, candles, paint, or other items that can stain, dirty, or otherwise damage the studio are permitted.

To Reserve the Lighting Studio:

Please email Jack Chapman and indicate your name, course you are enrolled in, desired date and the time block of 4 hours you wish to reserve.

LINK to lighting studio Google Calendar for those who have access. To request access to the darkroom google calendar contact Jack Chapman. 

Art Department Lighting Studio Contacts

Please report any issues, broken items or questions to the Art Dept Photo SRA
Contact: Jack Chapman,

If you encounter facilities issues, report them to Art Dept Facilities and Operations Manager, Contact: J Gaston,

For emergency situations:
Contact: Non-emergency Campus Dispatch- 831 459 2231
Emergency- 911

Spring Quarter 2023 lighting studio workshops:

Friday, April 21, 1pm-4pm

Friday, May 5, 1pm-4pm