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Art 198 - Independent Field Studies (5 credits)

Art Department Independent Field Study Policy and Guidelines

Students are encouraged to find and do internships related to their academic major as long as they follow these guidelines. Students will be notified of current internships/opportunities by the Art Department Undergraduate Advisor via UCSC email. Independent field study work is completed off campus.

  • Students have an obligation to arrange internships PRIOR to the Quarter they will be interns. Internships will NOT be approved after the end of the first week of the Quarter.
  • The ladder faculty sponsor working with the student should suggest a reading list to accompany the internship so that there is a critical or historical component to the experience.
  • The student will turn in a report to the ladder faculty sponsor and/or arrange for the ladder faculty sponsor to review and critique their work. The report should be a description of the job tasks within the context of the field of work and also should include insights derived from the assigned reading.
  • Independent study form available in the Art Department office.