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Art Department Chair, Jennifer Parker with UCSC OpenLab at the Museum of Art and History in Santa Cruz for a night of MAGIC!

Sat, Jan 18, 2014, 12:00 am to 4:00 am

Make Magic with a night of bewitching mystery– but beware…anything might happen in this evening of enchanting experiences from scientific experiments to witchcraft and magic making.

Make your own potion, cape, constellations and magic wands. Join in magic games with Reuben Timineri from Mythic Games, who will have Magic the Gathering game playing throughout the evening. Santiago’s Magic will bring a Traveling Medieval Magician roaming the event with spectacular magic tricks up his sleeves. Santa Cruz local magician Joshua Logan, will be presenting several exhibits on the categories of magic, including sleight-of-hand, mentalism, and visual illusions! Several members of the Coastal Magicians Club will be helping present each exhibit, including several of the club’s talented young Magician members. Enjoy a magic book library, visual and audio illusions, oddities and superhuman stunts. Members will also perform palor illusions and magic shows on stage.  Coastal Magicians’ Club meets monthly in Capitola to advance the art of magic.

Take a workshop in spell crafting with Birch from Sacred Grove. Watch a series of historical magic films including: Gonin: a film of Paris street magicians, Principles of Magic, Robert-Houdin in Algeria: revealing secrets of magic, New Modes of Travel Creative New Venues, and The Gypsy Thread brought to us by curator and magician Scott Cervine.

UCSC’s OpenLab will bring their latest artworks that explore aspects of science including the movement of magnetic fields, mechanical zoetropes, space zoetropes and bioluminescence. Emily Lovell will lead a workshop, Tinkering in Soft Circuit Pins, that will have you glowing in LED lights.  Santa Cruz Children’s Museum of Discovery will showcase their glowing portrait dome and the art and science behind magnetism. UCSC astronomers and astrophysicists will discuss black holes, time machines and dark matter. Learn more about laser lights with Sal McBentez. . Chemist Erika Lucas will demonstrate Iodine Clock Reactions every half hour and Brian Ellis will demonstrate the mystery of physics.

Santa Cruz Performing Arts will perform a 10  minute mini broadway show at 5PM to kick of the night.  Three local comedians, DNA, Chad Opitz and Dave Grimes II will perform a hilariously bewitching comedy acts on stage.  Artist,John Mawhorter will lead workshops in creating play graffitti from natural materials.