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Fri, May 12, 2017, 10:30 am to Sat, May 13, 2017, 6:30 pm


A Two Day Conference on Decolonial Visual Cultures in the Age of the Capitalocene


May 12-13, 2017

UC Santa Cruz


Organized by Professors T.J. Demos and Laurie Palmer, with Rachel Nelson and Chessa Adsit-Morris


Extraction designates capitalism’s fundamental logic of withdrawal—of value, nutrients, energy, labor, time—from people, lands, culture, life-forms, the elements, without corresponding deposit (except as externalities of non-value in the form of pollution, waste, climate change, illness, and death). It forms hierarchies of power around divisions that are racially, ethnically, sexually, and ecologically inscribed. How can we understand the diverse cultures of extraction in relation to histories of colonialism, green capitalism, the Anthropocene and Capitalocene, and how are these cultures being visualized?


Equally, how is extraction, as a fundamental logic of living and dying in the era of fossil fuel capitalism and catastrophic climate change, being visualized, negotiated, and contested at the individual and collective levels, including by cultural producers such as socially engaged artists, anti-colonial legal activists, Indigenous water protectors, media theorists, writers, architects, and designers, as much as by scientists and policy makers? Faced with multiple tipping points moving us implacably toward a catastrophic environmentally altered future—and now with a US president hostile to climate science and industrial regulations—how might we create possibilities for living non-extractively in ways singular and plural today?


Confirmed speakers include: Angela Anderson and Angela Melitopoulos, Caleb Behn, T.J. Demos, Wašté Win Young, Brian Holmes, Claire Pentecost, Mary Hsia-Coron, Ann López, Jason Moore, Laurie Palmer, Isabelle Carbonell, and Anne Quirynen.


* Register at and receive a free box lunch on Friday.




Fri, May 12, 10:30-6:00 (Colleges Nine and Ten Multipurpose Room, UC Santa Cruz) (For map and parking info see here)


10:30-10:40: Introduction: Laurie Palmer and Tj Demos


10:40-1130: Jason Moore


11:30-1:00 Angela Anderson and Angela Melitopoulos (screening of part of Unearthing Disaster (2013)


1:00-3:00 Lunch  / Breakout groups / Anti-colonial Walk with Kyle McKinley


3:00-4:30: Anne Quirynen; and Claire Pentecost


4:30-6:00: Screening of Fractured Land (75min) with introduction by Caleb Behn




Sat May 13, 10:00-4:30 (Nonviolent Resource Center, 612 Ocean St, Santa Cruz)


10:00-12:00 Caleb Behn; Wašté Win Young; and Brian Holmes


12:30-2:30: Lunch / Breakout groups


2:30-4:30: Isabelle Carbonell; Mary Hsia-Coron; Ann López


4:30: Laurie Palmer and Tj Demos: Concluding Remarks




*The Extraction Conference is sponsored generously by the Center for Creative Ecologies, the Institute of the Arts and Sciences, the Center for Documentary Arts and Research, the UC Santa Cruz Arts Research Institute, Colleges Nine and Ten, and the UCSC American Indian Resource Center.