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GoodTimes Best of Santa Cruz County voted Beth Stephans "Best Exosexual"

Wed, Apr 24, 2013, 7:00 am

Best Exosexuals: Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens
They marveled with their seven-year “art” project that found the duo marrying each other annually for seven years, honoring each color of the chakras in the process. Now, the local faves and creative slaves to all things progressive, juicy and envelope-pushing, are milking the bosom of another movement: The environment. Behold: Goodbye Gauley Mountain: An Ecosexual Love Story, which recently screened at UCSC and will get another sneak peek in a brazen Appalachian Pot Luck Feast in May at The Redwood Resort in Boulder Creek. “The ecosexual movement is growing like a weed, and the Santa Cruz Mountains are the hotbed of the movement! ” say Sprinkle and Stephens, a UCSC art professor and environmental activist. Sprinkle is the famed feminist porn film star and pioneer. Their goal? To help fuel the evolution of the ecosex movement. With their doc already being dubbed, “the sexiest nature documentary and one of the most profound films to deal with the beauty and tragedy of the Appalachian Mountains in the age of King Coal,” this should be not only an eye-opener but also a feast for the Second Chakra. “We are shifting the metaphor from the “Earth as mother,” to “Earth as lover” to create a more mutual and sustainable relationship with our abused and exploited planet,” the lovers quip. “We also want to seduce people who are not normally reached to join the environmental activist movement, such as the GLBTQI community, sex radicals, and artists.” To learn more about the film, or to donate to their kickstarter campaign, visit See more at