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Winter 2021 Virtual Open Studios

Winter 2021 Open Studios montage
Wed, Mar 24, 2021 (All day) to Tue, Jun 1, 2021 (All day)

Winter 2021 Virtual Open Studios

Art 10D - 2D Foundation Instructor - Sarah Sanford

Art 20H - Introduction to Sculpture and Public Art  Instructor - Sean M. Monaghan

Art 20J - Introduction to Drawing and Painting Instructor - Melissa Gwyn

Art 80T - Digital Tools for Contemporary Art Practice Instructor - Kristen Gillette

Art 106E 3D Modeling and Animation Instructor - Elliot Anderson

Art 108 Activate Media! New Media Art Activism and Organizing Instructor - Elliot Anderson

Art 119 Special Topics in Drawing: Explorations in Drawing - Reflections and Practices Instructor - Sarah Sanford

Art 125 Environmental Art Studio Instructor - Jorgge Menna Barreto

Art 138 Facture and Meaning Instructor - Melissa Gwyn

Art 153 Still to Moving: Topics in Cinematography for Artists Instructor - Yolande Harris

Art 154C After Archives: Photographers & Research Instructor - Karolina Karlic

Art 156 Project Development in Photography Instructor - Kathleen Perry

Art 161B Relief/Mixed Media Printmaking Instructor - Jimin Lee

Art 166 Art of Bookmaking Instructor - Kathleen Perry

Art 169-01 Special Topics in Printmaking - Cyanotype. The Heliographic Image Instructor - Enrique Leal

Art 169-02 Special Topics in Printmaking: MokuLito Wood Lithography Instructor - Enrique Leal

Art 181 Art, Power & Politics Instructor - Dee Hibbert-Jones

Art 182 Materiality of Color Instructor - Laurie Palmer

Art 189 Special Topics in Sculpture: What Makes Us Human Instructor - Jennifer Parker

Art 199 Independent Studies