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Open Studios

Open Studios

Held on the last Friday of each quarter (before finals week), Open Studios presents student work in the studios and courtyard of the Elena Baskin Visual Arts Center. Work includes painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, drawing, public art, book arts, electronic and digital media and intermedia -- all the Art major areas of study. Open Studios runs from noon to 4pm, is free and is open to the public. There is a fee to park in the Performing Arts parking lot, using the self-serve pay stations. For more info, call the Art Department at 459-2272.


During the UAW strike of Fall 2022 we had to cancel the in-person open studios and host an online version for the quarter which can be viewed at the link below:

During COVID-19 we had to have several of our open studios online instead of in person in our Virtual Open Studios series below:

Spring 2021 Virtual Open Studios:

Winter 2021 Virtual Open Studios:

Fall 2020 Virtual Open Studios:

Spring 2020 Virtual Open Studios:

"Lost in Thought" Photography by Elvert Perez


            Sometimes, I feel like I’m moving through life. I’m neither a participant or a viewer; neither dead or alive. When my reality becomes overwhelming, I recede from others and can think of nothing but sleep. My dreams are tied by a loose narrative where I surrender... [more]


For this piece, I was inspired by a guest lecture from Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens. I created a human figure that was made out of driftwood to represent the connection between humans and nature. 

All of the pieces are made from found materials along the Des Moines River. Since 19993... [more]

Photograph by Camille Torres

Open Studios Fall 2016


Claire June Apana:

As a child, I was obsessed with origami as it was a means of exploring my asian heritage through art. I was mesmerized by the look and feel of origami papers and found it fascinating that I had the ability to create delicate works of art with a readily... [more]

Open Studio