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Ant Lorenzo

Grad Student
Environmental Art + Social Practice MFA Candidate

Ant(onia) Lorenzo is an interdisciplinary artist, organizer, and graduate student in Environmental Art and Social Practice at UCSC. Their work investigates structures of power, dominance, and distribution while seeking to undermine individualism in art-making through an emphasis on that which emerges during processes of research, improvisation, collection, and curation. They are a graduate of UCSD’s Jacob School of Engineering. 

My practice seeks to decode structures of power in contemporary American society while actively investigating and engaging in knowledge production through filmmaking, writing, and performance. The explicit subject matter of my work varies, but my process is rooted in practices of reenactment and appropriation with aims not only to pose critiques but to investigate complicity within the complex rhizome of globalization. Research precedes the creation of my work and focuses on global politics and economics, media, cultural fads, modern infrastructure, and regional geographies and ecologies. Presently, I am focused on learning more about indigenous and oppressed pedagogies and political movements. The relationship between spiritualism and the struggle for liberation. As well as the ways that liberalism and individualism manifest in contemporary cultural venues and norms.