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Doug (Lowen) Hatano

Grad Student
Environmental Art + Social Practice MFA Candidate

As a queer non-binary (two-spirit) Japanese-American Chickasaw conceptual maker, my/our practice reflects on displacement/placement, alongside the recurring themes of queerness, biodiversity, and movement. I/we would describe my/our work as a meditation on materiality as a result of digesting the intersectionalities of my/our being (in collaboration with other life forces). 

I/we use they/them/theirs or we/us/ours pronouns.

Our research reflects on collective sensory embodiment, meaning we find ourselves inspired by observing the spaces in and around us. How are we connecting to our senses? 
We experiment with materials to curate an environment that nurtures our story. Is this environment a brave/complex space? How are we contributing to our living archive?