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Mary "Miki" Arlen

Sesnon Intern or Volunteer
Work-study and Okinawa Memories Initiative representative

Mary (Miki) Arlen (she/her/hers) is a second-year English Literature major with an interest in Cultural Anthropology. She has been working at the Sesnon Art Gallery since the beginning of her freshman year (Fall 2017), when she took particular interest in the cross-cultural conversation of the student-lead Fall exhibition, "The Gail Project: An Okinawan-American Dialogue". Miki has since joined the student research group (Okinawan Memories Initiative, formerly theGail Project) and - with her acquired experience in curatorial practices - has contributed pertinent fundamental knowledge to the project's aspiring traveling exhibition as Co-chair of the Exhibition Team. When she finds time amidst her many commitments, Miki enjoys sunbathing in the quad, playing ukulele and writing poetry.

Office: 831-459-3606