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Eduardo Carrillo: Comunidad de Califas Virtual Gallery

On small devices, click here to load the Comunidad de Califas exhibition on Sketchfab

The Sesnon Virtual Gallery is a rich experience. It will take between 30 seconds and three minutes to load the first time, depending on your network speed. Having trouble navigating the virtual space? View exhibition by images alone.

Navigational directions
Click the play button to launch the virtual gallery. Take a automated tour through the entire exhibition by clicking 'Start autopilot' or browse the themed groupings such as 'Community/Comunidad' or 'Spirituality/Espiritualidad' by clicking numbered annotations in the black menu bar at the bottom of the screen. 

Navigate manually by advancing through the annotations using the right and left arrows of the black menu bar OR explore the virtual space in a immersive way using your computer track pad or through pinch and drag motions on your smart phone/tablet to zoom in and out. Hold SHIFT when dragging to move from right to left without changing your perspective.

The annotations contain exhibition label information. You can choose to 'Hide annotations' or 'Show annotations.' The list below shows where you can find works by particular artists by name.

1. Welcome (Title Wall and Califas Legacy Project)
2. Bienvenidos (Artist list)
3. Eduardo Carrillo
4. Eduardo Carrillo
5. Eduardo Carrillo
6. Eduardo Carrillo
7. Eduardo Carrillo, Carmen León
8. Eduardo Carrillo
9. Eduardo Carrillo, Amalia Mesa-Bains
10. Eduardo Carrillo
11. Eduardo Carrillo
12. Jennifer Ortiz, Eduardo Carrillo
13. Karina Tavarez Perez, Victor Cervantes, Jorge Gomez-Gonzales
14. Irene Juárez O'Connell, Natalie Jauregui Ortiz
15. Eduardo Carrillo
16. Felicia Rice/Moving Parts Press, Eduardo Carrillo
17. Eduardo Carrillo
18.  Eduardo Carrillo
19. Ralph D'Oliveira, Eduardo Carrillo
20. Eduardo Carrillo

This virtual exhibition showcases the breadth of Eduardo Carrillo’s work spanning from his early career after his studies at UCLA to his later life living in Santa Cruz, comprehensive across oil and watercolor mediums. Works by Califas Legacy artists Amalia Mesa-Bains, Ralph D’Oliveira, Carmen León, and Felicia Rice are also included in this exhibition, displayed in conversation with works by Carrillo.

The Next Perspectives room in the virtual gallery exhibits works by a new generation of Latinx artists. Victor Cervantes, Irene Juárez O’Connell, Jorge Gomez-Gonzalez, Jennifer Ortiz, Natalie Jauregui Ortiz and Karina Tavares Perez are all UC Santa Cruz alumni with connections to Eduardo Carrillo.

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Archival footage from the 1982 Califas Conference at UC Santa Cruz