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Irwin Scholars 2000

The vertical image is broken into four cells, with corresponding numbers on the right side. There is a cartoon man in each cell and the text "Input," "Memory," "Processing" and "Output"

The 2000 Irwin Scholars are: 
Virginia Kleker
Peter De Lucchi
Sabrina Eldredge
Kameron Gad
Jen Hartmann
Sam Imperatrice
Pat Noonan
Ty Nowotny
Sarah Peters
Angela Primavera
Anna Sprent
Even Sugerman
Aaron Van de Kerckhove

About the Irwin Scholarship
The William Hyde and Susan Benteen Irwin Scholarship Fund was established in 1986, with a modest donation by Sue Irwin, and now generates 12 annual merit scholarships to further the education of selected UC Santa Cruz students for proven excellence in the arts. The scholars are nominated by the art department faculty to submit a portfolio of work and then are selected by an all faculty vote. This annual, professionally organized exhibition has become a tradition in the art department and for the Sesnon Gallery. This scholarship shows the far-reaching effects of support for the arts.

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