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Film Screening: Sea State (2022)

Tue, Oct 18, 2022, 12:00 pm to Sat, Oct 29, 2022, 5:00 pm
Mary Porter Sesnon Art Galleries, Main Gallery

Sea State (2022) 
The violent forces of the sea converge on a boat in the water. Mariners must read the wind, swell, and currents, overwhelming forces which influence each other as surely as they impact the boat. ‘Sea State’ explores the momentary convergence of these conditions which impact a boat at sea. Safe passage at sea requires an instinctual understanding that no force exists in isolation, a critical lesson for our survival on land. ‘Sea State’ challenges viewers to understand the crises of our world as related through their points of impact. 

In a world of accelerating and converging crises, facing ecological and social collapse, we can no longer treat the threats which we face as separate. Directed by Jordan Freeman.

Runtime 20m. On loop every 20 minutes from October 18-29, 2022.

With roots in environmental activism and a love for rural places, Jordan Freeman became a filmmaker to amplify the voices of those under the thumb of the grind of modernity. He spent a decade fighting Mountaintop Removal mining, and fighting for the rights of miners, seeing those two goals as linked. He is drawn to complexity, working with the philosophy that where there are no easy answers, understanding is a worthy goal in itself. His current work is focused on oceans, and the people who know them best. Comprising 71% of the world's surface, and existing outside of national boundaries as we know them, oceans are the largest force affecting both climate and weather.