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Summer Session 2020

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UPDATE: All Summer 2020 classes will be delivered remotely (not in person)

SESSION 1 (June 22 - July 24)

Introduction to Printmaking & Drawing (5 credits)
Instructor - Bridget Henry

Introduces the methods, materials, and history of printmaking and drawing as a tool for creative exploration. Understanding and development of concepts and skills are achieved through a series of lectures, studio demonstrations and practice, assignments, and critiques. (General Education Code(s): PR-C.)

Introduction to Drawing (online class) (5 credits)
Online only course
Instructor - Grant Whipple​

Traditional handmade drawing course taught in online format through demonstration videos, digital submissions, and small-group discussion forum critiques. Introduces the fundamental basics of observational drawing in a progression designed to develop and build skills in sighting, measuring, value, and rendering. Familiarity with Canvas, access to digital camera, and purchase of art supplies required. Assumes 30 hours per week of coursework. (General Education Code(s): PR-C.) 

Course video:

Digital Tools for Contemporary Art Practice (online) (5 credits)
Online only course
Instructor - Kristen Gillette

Introduces the digital tools and mediums available to contemporary art practices. Tools are explored from a historical and theoretical context and from a technical perspective through hands-on tutorials. A variety of artworks that use digital mediums are also examined. Covers photo and vector editors, sound and video editing, basic 3D modeling, and images and interactions generated by code. Students should have basic computer literacy. (General Education Code(s): PE-T.) 

Illustrating Stories: Fantasy & Documentary Narratives (5 credits)
ART 113 
Instructor - Frank Galuszka

This drawing/painting class will be taught using New Yorker magazine covers as examples of illustration at a level of excellence that is accessible and will be examined for content and formal qualities. Work will be done in drawing and painting media. There may be some digital and mixed media incorporated. Painting will be water based. Wit, humor, restraint and sophistication will be discussed as well as inclusivity, exclusivity, and explicit and implicit social issues. (General Education Code(s): PR-C.)

Special Topics in Photography: Shelter in Place: Social Documentation in a Time of Self-isolation (5 credits)
ART 159-01
Instructor - Jack Chapman

This photography course examines personal works and documents created in times of forced and selected isolation.  Photographic images will be created, collected and curated to form an expressive visual communication to the future about living through a pandemic in physical isolation. Experimentation, text, mixed media, audio, still and moving images will be explored.

Art 159

Special Topics in Sculpture: Figure Sculpture (5 credits)

ART 189-02
Instructor - Sean Monaghan

This course will explore the potential for expression that can be achieved by working from the Figure.  Students will examine the historical and contemporary trends of figurative sculpture, then sculpt and critique a variety of body fragments, busts and figurines by way of studying skeletal and muscular anatomy, proportion, expressive gesture and pose. 

Art 189-02 Figure Sculpture

SESSION 2 (July 27 - August 28)

Introduction to Photography (5 credits)
ART 20i
Instructor - Karolina Karlic

Introduces basic skills and conceptual development in photography and related digital media through image-making in the field, on the web, and in laboratories, through readings, discussions, and critiques.  (General Education Code(s): PR-C.) 

Introduction to Drawing and Painting (5 credits)
Instructor - Susana Terrell

Introduces the material practices of painting in combination with the formal vocabulary of the visual arts. A discussion of values, form, color, and figure/ground relationships enters into each class. (General Education Code(s): PR-C.) 

Environmental Art in the Expanded Field (online)  (5 credits)
Online only class
Instructor - Elizabeth Stephens

Examines the ways artists engage, interact, and comment upon ecology and nature in their artworks by examining environmental art from the 1960s through the present. Offers students a foundational introduction to art and artists working in the field of environmental and ecological art/activism. (General Education Code(s): PE-E.)

2D Animation (online) (5 credits)
ART 106-O

Online only class
Instructor - Kristen Gillette

This project-centered studio course introduces 2D animation concepts, history, techniques and contemporary practices, production strategies, processes and tools from a practical approach rooted in a historical/theoretical context. During each project's development, students research artists working within relevant categories and/or topics of animation, presenting findings to assist in their creative process.

Course video:

Figure Painting (5 credits)
ART 132
Instructor - Noah Buchanan

Students learn the classical practice of painting the nude figure from life using traditional oil painting techniques. Students study short poses, limited color, and graduate to long pose, full color. (Formerly course 102A.) May be repeated for credit. (General Education Code(s): PR-C.) 

Special Topics in Photography: Alternative Processes: Cyanotype and Other Outdoor Photographic Practices (5 credits)
ART 159-02
Instructor - Jack Chapman

This special topics photography class will explore methods of generating light based images using alternative photochemical processes including cyanotype and Van Dyke brown.  These are outdoor printing practices that use sunlight and do not require a darkroom. There is no course fee associated with this course and students will be responsible for purchasing their own materials with guidance before the start of the class.

Art 159-02

Special Topics in Sculpture: Bio Art & Design (5 credits)
ART 189-03
Instructor - Jennifer Parker

An interdisciplinary studio course intended for students from various disciplines to explore the intersections between art and life. Students will learn the tools and techniques of bio art and design including a basic background in synthetic biology and biomimicry. Practical workshops and hands-on assignments with critical readings and observational skills will be taught to support student production of contemporary artworks and creative prototypes. This class is designed to appeal to all. No prerequisites needed!

Art 189-03

Important Points About Summer Session Classes in the Art Department

  • Each course is 5 credits (unless otherwise noted)
  • Taking Art classes in summer session affords you the rare luxury of not having to be an Art major to attend.
  • An added advantage of taking Art classes in Summer Session is that prerequisites are waived.
  • Art classes fill up quickly so make sure to be on the computer and ready to enroll as soon as enrollment opens.
  • Art classes in summer session will require 30 hours of work per week – 12 hours in class & 18 hours outside of class.

Do not attempt to take more than one art class in the same session.

Do not attempt to take an art class and another class within the same session.

Do not attempt to take an art class in summer session if you have a full time job.

(Attempting the above could result in a lower grade because of an inability to put in the full time required)

Please contact the Summer Session office or visit their website for more information on Summer Session.