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Summer Session 2022

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SESSION 1 (June 20 - July 22, 2022)

Introduction to Printmaking & Drawing 
Instructor - Bridget Henry

Introduces the methods, materials, and history of printmaking and drawing as a tool for creative exploration. Understanding and development of concepts and skills are achieved through a series of lectures, studio demonstrations and practice, assignments, and critiques. Students are billed for a materials fee. General Education Code PR-C

Introduction to Digital Artmaking (ONLINE)
Instructor - Yolande Harris

Introduces digital and new media art practice. Explores the use of the computer as tool and medium. Provides a hands-on introduction to the fundamentals of graphics; digital-image acquisition and manipulation; video; web design; and computer programming. Lectures, readings, and discussions examine the history of technology artwork and technology's relationship to contemporary culture. General Education Code PR-C

Digital Painting  (ONLINE)
ART 135
Instructor - Kathleen Deck

Gives students a comprehensive understanding of the digital painting, from basic techniques, to new media art and industry application, to how these programs operate. Studies and assignments develop and expand skills of digital paint application. Students build a cumulative digital portfolio of all of the studies and assignments completed throughout the course. General Education Code PR-C

Darkroom Practices  
ART 150
Instructor - Jack Chapman

Students concentrate on darkroom practices and explore visual ideas, directing their work toward individualized goals. Required work includes making photographic prints, reading historical and theoretical works, and examination of photographs.

ART 164A 
Instructor - Ann Altstatt

Introduces water-based screen printing. Students are introduced to processes including basic equipment, printing techniques, printing papers, stenciling processes, and photographic and digital techniques. Emphasis is on continued development of content and aesthetic awareness through the possibilities of screen printing.

Art of Bookmaking
ART 166 
Instructor - Kathleen Perry

Introduction to production of small edition books and multiples utilizing sequential visual imaging, narrative content, and mixed media in bookmaking. Provides instruction in conceptualizing, producing, and distributing printed artists' multiples. Ideas encouraged within a broad range of possibilities via the format of artists' books.

Metal Fabrication
ART 183
Instructor - Sean Monaghan

Focus on teaching intermediate to advanced students the processes and techniques of direct metal fabrication for contemporary sculpture and design. Explores a range of welding, cutting, and forming techniques and processes through demonstrations, slide lectures, field trips, and studio time. Demonstrations, slide lectures, and critical discussion of work help develop technical and conceptual skills.

SESSION 2 (July 25 - August 26, 2022)

Introduction to Drawing and Painting  
Instructor - Susana Terrell

Introduces the practices of drawing and painting in combination with the formal vocabulary of the visual arts. A discussion of values, form, color, and figure/ground relationships enters into each class. General Education Code PR-C

Introduction to Drawing (ONLINE)
Instructor - Grant Whipple

Drawing course using traditional media taught online through demonstration videos, digital submissions, and small-group critiques. Introduces the basics of observational drawing in a progression designed to develop and build skills in sighting, measuring, value, and rendering. Familiarity with Canvas, access to a digital camera, and purchase of art supplies are required. Assumes 30 hours per week of coursework. General Education Code PR-C

2D Animation (ONLINE)
ART 106O  
Instructor - Kristen Gillette

This project-centered studio course introduces 2D animation concepts, history, techniques and contemporary practices, production strategies, processes, and tools from a practical approach rooted in a historical/theoretical context. During each project's development, students research artists working within relevant categories and/or topics of animation, presenting findings to assist in their creative process. General Education Code PR-C

Figure Painting 
ART 132  
Instructor - Frank Galuszka

Students learn the classical practice of painting the nude figure from life using traditional oil painting techniques. Students study short poses, limited color, and graduate to long pose, full color. General Education Code PR-C

Photo Field Research Quarter, California Road Trip 
Art 155  (10 Credits)
Instructor - Jack Chapman

The PFRQ offers students the unique opportunity to live and learn outside of the classroom, actively engaging and photographing locations and communities across the entire state of California. We will be covering over 2000 miles from Northern Mendocino County to the Mojave Desert, from the Eastern Sierra to Big Sur. The PFRQ exposes students to a variety of cultural, historical, and environmental issues facing the State of California. This exposure is intended to plant seeds of interest to further develop projects as students continue their study and art making practice at UC Santa Cruz. 

Please contact Jack Chapman, with any questions.


STUDY ABROAD - Global Learning

Global Seminar: Tradition and Innovation: Relief Printmaking in Korea (6 credits)
ART 161C [In Person]
Led by: Jimin Lee (she/her/her), Professor of Art
Location(s): Korea
Subject(s): Studio Art

Explores the history of printing from the world's oldest printed text developed in Korea to the latest cutting-edge technology, including laser cutting. Students study many aspects of both traditional and contemporary relief (woodblock) printmaking, both materials, tools, and techniques and the issues, concepts and history of the field. Through various class activities, field trips and cultural visits (to UNESCO World Heritage Sites) in Korea, students will be exposed to diverse and multi-regional art practices that will broaden their perspectives and increase their understanding not only in the fields of print media but in the larger contemporary visual culture.  General Education Code PR-C

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Important Points About Summer Session Classes in the Art Department

  • Each course is 5 credits (unless otherwise noted)
  • Taking Art classes in summer session affords you the rare luxury of not having to be an Art major to attend.
  • An added advantage of taking Art classes in Summer Session is that prerequisites are waived.
  • Art classes fill up quickly so make sure to be on the computer and ready to enroll as soon as enrollment opens.
  • Art classes in summer session will require 30 hours of work per week – 12 hours in class & 18 hours outside of class.

Do not attempt to take more than one art class in the same session.

Do not attempt to take an art class and another class within the same session.

Do not attempt to take an art class in summer session if you have a full time job.

(Attempting the above could result in a lower grade because of an inability to put in the full time required)

Please contact the Summer Session office or visit their website for more information on Summer Session.