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Student Works

Photography by Amber Rose Kelly
Amber Rose Kelly

Chris: From the moment we are born, doctors ascribe us a gender by exclaiming, “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!” and from then on we are expected to suit that role. However, social scientists today draw the line between sex and gender, and for good reason. Sex is purely biological... [more]

Anita Pang
Anita Pang
Image Amy Boewer Cardboard Box Bedroom
Amy Boewer, "Untitled"


Image Jennifer Chen: Map
Jennifer Chen
UCSC Sculpture Alumni
Paul Hempstead
Image of Treehouse
Stephanie Layton

Treehouse Wall Decoration

Medium: 3/4 in ACX wood

A large-scale wood cut series that can be easily compacted and reassembled. When assembled it creates a full scene that includes detailed engravings. When comacted it creates a sense of depth and a entirely different point of view... [more]

Image Aaron M. Koblin: Organic
Aaron M. Koblin