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Student Works

Photography by Amber Rose Kelly
Amber Rose Kelly

Chris: From the moment we are born, doctors ascribe us a gender by exclaiming, “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!” and from then on we are expected to suit that role. However, social scientists today draw the line between sex and gender, and for good reason. Sex is purely biological... [more]

Mike Schade
Image Jennifer Chen: Map
Jennifer Chen
Hannah Short 1
Hannah Short

Hannah Short
"Scorched Pathway"
Oil on canvas board 
9 x 12 in 

Clarissa De Jesus: February
Clarissa De Jesus

Title: February
Medium: Mokuhanga Relief Printmaking on Kozo Paper.
Year: 2021
Description: Created in February, I learned a lot about balance in my relationships this year. While thinking about the ways I show love in my life, I aimed to visually represent the value of... [more]

UCSC Sculpture Alumni
Paul Hempstead
Charlotte Grenier
Charlotte Grenier

Charlotte Grenier 
“Kelp Study 1 + 2: Blue, Yellow, Green”
Woodblock Print 
This print features two patterns found on the leaves of giant kelp. These ridges help slow the movement of water around the leaves so that they can harvest more nutrients. Fun fact: kelps are not plants... [more]

Painting by Nicole Rudolph-Vallerga
Nicole Rudolph-Vallerga
Hannah Short 2
Hannah Short

Hannah Short
"Ten Weeks" 
Oil on canvas
54 x 78 in