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Student Works

Clarissa De Jesus: February
Clarissa De Jesus

Title: February
Medium: Mokuhanga Relief Printmaking on Kozo Paper.
Year: 2021
Description: Created in February, I learned a lot about balance in my relationships this year. While thinking about the ways I show love in my life, I aimed to visually represent the value of... [more]

Photograph by Cassia Artanegara

Cassia Artanegara
Title of project: American Girl
Titles of images:
1: Cassia at Chinese Camp
2: After Hours

Artist Statement: When asked to describe my identity, my short answer is “Asian American woman”. I’m proud to be a mixture of Indonesian, Chinese, and... [more]

Image - Deeann Garzalarson, Flux Off

Flux Off: CCA vs. UCSC, Curated by Jennifer Parker and Tina Takemoto

A Fluxus Competition between art students from the California College of the Arts and the University of California at Santa Cruz. This spirited "competition" included a program of live performances of old and new Fluxus... [more]

Sam Garbus
Sam Garbus

Title: "What do you see?"
Medium: digital collage
Year: 2020
Description: The subconscious images beneath a single rorschach print may differ greatly person to person 


Charlotte Grenier
Charlotte Grenier

Charlotte Grenier 
“Kelp Study 1 + 2: Blue, Yellow, Green”
Woodblock Print 
This print features two patterns found on the leaves of giant kelp. These ridges help slow the movement of water around the leaves so that they can harvest more nutrients. Fun fact: kelps are not plants... [more]

Trace Monotype, Watercolor
Hannah Bourke

“Saturn Rule”

Trace Monotype, Watercolor

Saturn is a planet that represents difficult lessons, growth, personal mastery, and time. This planet holds a dominant presence in my astrological chart. The first ‘saturn’s return’ occurs between the 27th-30th years of a person's life, as... [more]

Painting by Danni Tsuboi
Danni Tsuboi

Painting by Danni Tsuboi. Oil on bedsheet, 60"x 96" - 2009

Nicole Soriano
Nicole Soriano

Nicole Soriano
“Thanks, Prometheus”
Digital Drawing
Five second gesture drawings rearranged to be in a cave, glowing amongst a fire.

Painting by Nicole Rudolph-Vallerga
Nicole Rudolph-Vallerga