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Student Works

Matilda Krulder
Matilda Krulder

Matilda Krulder
Loose Construction
This photograph is meant to accentuate the emotional congestion of this piece, as well as to offer the viewer a new viewpoint for the angles.

Malia Rosburg
Malia Rosburg

Malia Rosburg

“the sun room”

... [more]

Nicole Soriano
Nicole Soriano

Nicole Soriano
“Thanks, Prometheus”
Digital Drawing
Five second gesture drawings rearranged to be in a cave, glowing amongst a fire.

Clarissa De Jesus: February
Clarissa De Jesus

Title: February
Medium: Mokuhanga Relief Printmaking on Kozo Paper.
Year: 2021
Description: Created in February, I learned a lot about balance in my relationships this year. While thinking about the ways I show love in my life, I aimed to visually represent the value of... [more]

acrylic on canvas
Matthew Zefeldt


Jenyea Tiffany Chang
Image of stairs


Painting by Danni Tsuboi
Danni Tsuboi

Painting by Danni Tsuboi. Oil on bedsheet, 60"x 96" - 2009

Kelly Tobuko