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Student Works

Hannah Short 2
Hannah Short

Hannah Short
"Ten Weeks" 
Oil on canvas
54 x 78 in 

Image of inflated  staircase
Amy Boewer, "Untitled Stairs"
Zhen Cao
Zhen Cao
Katie Wood

Katie Wood
“The Looking Glass”
Canon EOS Rebel T5i

Painting by Nicole Rudolph-Vallerga
Nicole Rudolph-Vallerga
Malia Rosburg
Malia Rosburg

Malia Rosburg

“the sun room”

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Jenyea Tiffany Chang
Nicole Soriano
Nicole Soriano

Nicole Soriano
“Thanks, Prometheus”
Digital Drawing
Five second gesture drawings rearranged to be in a cave, glowing amongst a fire.

UCSC Sculpture Alumni
Paul Hempstead
Matilda Krulder
Matilda Krulder

Matilda Krulder
Loose Construction
This photograph is meant to accentuate the emotional congestion of this piece, as well as to offer the viewer a new viewpoint for the angles.

Kelly Tobuko


Elvert Perez photograph
Elvert Perez

Title: "Guiding Light"
Medium: Photography
Year: 2019
Description: The thing I love more than black and white photography is science fiction. I wanted to simulate the feeling of nearing ones journey, or ones ascension to whatever comes next

Printmaking image Kevin Patanawong
Kevin Patanawong

Utilizing printmaking and analog photo processes, Kevin Patanawong strives to examine themes of life, memory, death, and decay and how each of them interact with time.