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Student Works

Printmaking image Kevin Patanawong
Kevin Patanawong

Utilizing printmaking and analog photo processes, Kevin Patanawong strives to examine themes of life, memory, death, and decay and how each of them interact with time.

Ali Culp
Ali Culp

Ali Culp

I take pride in making visually beautiful works of animated art. I like playing with bright colors and different lighting effects. My favorite thing about stop motion is set building, I really enjoy creating miniature worlds that come to life on screen.... [more]

Matilda Krulder
Matilda Krulder

Matilda Krulder
Loose Construction
This photograph is meant to accentuate the emotional congestion of this piece, as well as to offer the viewer a new viewpoint for the angles.

Painting by Charlie Nguyen
Charlie Nguyen

"What Agony Had Wrought" Acrylic on Canvas by Charlie Nguyen

Image of fox
Biqi Zeng

Final Project: Flat Pack It!

Materials: Neenah colored cardstock papers, Canson watercolor paper 9x12 and 11x15, tacky glue, white foam stickers. 

"Ive always wanted to do paper sculpture, but I was never good with an x-acto-knife. The laser cutter provided me the perfect... [more]

acrylic on canvas
Matthew Zefeldt


crayon, pen, colored pencil
Lucinda Gold

Lucinda Gold

Lucinda Gold, “Where the Body isn’t a Burden“

I was listening to the social theorist Adam Curtis (the emotional ghistory of the modern world film maker) speak about art, and he seemed to feel like contemporary art is not trying to capture the feeling... [more]

Image Amy Boewer Cardboard Box Bedroom
Amy Boewer, "Untitled"


Stephen Jones
Stephen Jones

Title: Upacara
Medium: Photography
Year: 2020

Upacara is a small project documenting the powerful spiritual connection the Balinese and the island itself are known for. For the Balinese, upacara, or ceremony, is treated as one of, if not the, most important aspect in... [more]