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Student Works

Image of inflated  staircase
Amy Boewer, "Untitled Stairs"
Racha Elsbach
Racha Elsbach

Title: Looking for Mom
Medium: Digital Photography
Year: 2020
Description: This image is inspired by the feeling of panic that I had as a kid when I realized I had wandered away from my parents in an unknown place.

Image Aaron M. Koblin: Organic
Aaron M. Koblin
Ella Apuntar


... [more]

Elvert Perez photograph
Elvert Perez

Title: "Guiding Light"
Medium: Photography
Year: 2019
Description: The thing I love more than black and white photography is science fiction. I wanted to simulate the feeling of nearing ones journey, or ones ascension to whatever comes next

Jenyea Tiffany Chang
Zoe Forsyth 
Zoe Forsyth 

Zoe Forsyth 
“Ritual Transgression”
Oil on canvas
Explores themes of: Vulnerability, power and surveillance. 

Photograph by Anila Kaila

Central: (Adjectivo) Que ejerce su acción sobre todo el conjunto o sistema del que forma   parte.

(Adjective) An imperative part to a larger system as a whole.

The goal of my project was to capture the cultural essence of Chicano’s in the central valley. Though... [more]

Image of Public Art 5
Levi Goldman
Hannah Bourke
Hannah Bourke

“Inner Light”
Woodblock Relief Prints
A holy trinity of light. The sun, the moon, and the earth of our human bodies. The inner light of our souls.

Anita Pang
Anita Pang
Image of Treehouse
Stephanie Layton

Treehouse Wall Decoration

Medium: 3/4 in ACX wood

A large-scale wood cut series that can be easily compacted and reassembled. When assembled it creates a full scene that includes detailed engravings. When comacted it creates a sense of depth and a entirely different point of view... [more]