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Student Works

Image of Alex Escobedo
Alex Escobedo

Manchas Interiores (El Llanto)
Installation and performance from Irwin Scholars show, 2017
Alex Escobedo

Racha Elsbach
Racha Elsbach

Title: Looking for Mom
Medium: Digital Photography
Year: 2020
Description: This image is inspired by the feeling of panic that I had as a kid when I realized I had wandered away from my parents in an unknown place.

Image Amy Boewer Cardboard Box Bedroom
Amy Boewer, "Untitled"


Ali Culp
Ali Culp

Ali Culp

I take pride in making visually beautiful works of animated art. I like playing with bright colors and different lighting effects. My favorite thing about stop motion is set building, I really enjoy creating miniature worlds that come to life on screen.... [more]

Printmaking image Kevin Patanawong
Kevin Patanawong

Utilizing printmaking and analog photo processes, Kevin Patanawong strives to examine themes of life, memory, death, and decay and how each of them interact with time.

Hannah Bourke
Hannah Bourke

“Inner Light”
Woodblock Relief Prints
A holy trinity of light. The sun, the moon, and the earth of our human bodies. The inner light of our souls.