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Student Works

Jess Beckman
Jenyea Tiffany Chang

Star Hagen-Esquerra
“Garden of Talking Flowers”
Acrylic on Canvas
I explore loss of identity and dysphoria in this piece, as well as how such discomfort can morph, move, and blossom in unexpected ways. The influence of social pressure is represented in the mirror and the phone... [more]

Image - Deeann Garzalarson, Flux Off

Flux Off: CCA vs. UCSC, Curated by Jennifer Parker and Tina Takemoto

A Fluxus Competition between art students from the California College of the Arts and the University of California at Santa Cruz. This spirited "competition" included a program of live performances of old and new Fluxus... [more]

Image of stairs


Ella Apuntar


... [more]

Morgan Tomfohr
Morgan Tomfohr
Katie Wood

Katie Wood
“The Looking Glass”
Canon EOS Rebel T5i

Hannah Bourke
Hannah Bourke

“Inner Light”
Woodblock Relief Prints
A holy trinity of light. The sun, the moon, and the earth of our human bodies. The inner light of our souls.

Photograph by Thomas Quinn

Photography by Thomas Quinn, Senior, Art 150 Darkroom Practices with Karolina Karlic Fall 2016.