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Student Works

Stephen Jones
Stephen Jones

Title: Upacara
Medium: Photography
Year: 2020

Upacara is a small project documenting the powerful spiritual connection the Balinese and the island itself are known for. For the Balinese, upacara, or ceremony, is treated as one of, if not the, most important aspect in... [more]

Painting by Danni Tsuboi
Danni Tsuboi

Painting by Danni Tsuboi. Oil on bedsheet, 60"x 96" - 2009

Ella Apuntar


... [more]

Image of fox
Biqi Zeng

Final Project: Flat Pack It!

Materials: Neenah colored cardstock papers, Canson watercolor paper 9x12 and 11x15, tacky glue, white foam stickers. 

"Ive always wanted to do paper sculpture, but I was never good with an x-acto-knife. The laser cutter provided me the perfect... [more]

Photography by Saul Villegas: Whimsy Snake Tree

Title: "Whimsy Snake Tree"
Medium: Digital Photograph
Year: 2020

Image Aaron M. Koblin: Organic
Aaron M. Koblin
Racha Elsbach
Racha Elsbach

Title: Looking for Mom
Medium: Digital Photography
Year: 2020
Description: This image is inspired by the feeling of panic that I had as a kid when I realized I had wandered away from my parents in an unknown place.

UCSC Sculpture Alumni
Paul Hempstead
Charlotte Grenier
Charlotte Grenier

Charlotte Grenier 
“Kelp Study 1 + 2: Blue, Yellow, Green”
Woodblock Print 
This print features two patterns found on the leaves of giant kelp. These ridges help slow the movement of water around the leaves so that they can harvest more nutrients. Fun fact: kelps are not plants... [more]

Painting by Charlie Nguyen
Charlie Nguyen

"What Agony Had Wrought" Acrylic on Canvas by Charlie Nguyen

Photograph by Cody Proctor
Cody Proctor

Cody Proctor
“Walking the Barbed Line”
Digital Photograph
This photo is supposed to invoke a feeling of isolation, I only focused on one point on the wire even though your eye wants to move along the line of the fence.

Photography by Sunny Rolfs
Sunny Rolfs

Sunny Rolfs 
“Untouched, 1”
35mm Film Photography 

image of drawing by Sydney Rosendale
Sydney Rosendale