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Student Works

Photography by Saul Villegas: Whimsy Snake Tree

Title: "Whimsy Snake Tree"
Medium: Digital Photograph
Year: 2020


Star Hagen-Esquerra
“Garden of Talking Flowers”
Acrylic on Canvas
I explore loss of identity and dysphoria in this piece, as well as how such discomfort can morph, move, and blossom in unexpected ways. The influence of social pressure is represented in the mirror and the phone... [more]

Anna Reagan
Ria Devine
Ria Devine

Ria Devine

Ria Devine
“Come Over- Matt Watson Animatic Music Video... [more]

Break in the Storm
Emily Love

Title: Break in the Storm, Brommer Street

Medium: Oil on Paper

Year: 2018

Description: This is a painting of my favorite lighting: during a storm where there is a break in the clouds and everything lights up for a moment. This is one of my first landscape paintings... [more]

Image of Alex Escobedo
Alex Escobedo

Manchas Interiores (El Llanto)
Installation and performance from Irwin Scholars show, 2017
Alex Escobedo

Connor Alexander
Connor Alexander

Oil on canvas
A storm of glowing bluish green is disrupted by pillars forming a structure that withstand the flow.

Photography by Sunny Rolfs
Sunny Rolfs

Sunny Rolfs 
“Untouched, 1”
35mm Film Photography