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Student Works

crayon, pen, colored pencil
Lucinda Gold

Lucinda Gold

Lucinda Gold, “Where the Body isn’t a Burden“

I was listening to the social theorist Adam Curtis (the emotional ghistory of the modern world film maker) speak about art, and he seemed to feel like contemporary art is not trying to capture the feeling... [more]

Morgan Tomfohr
Morgan Tomfohr
Image of Levi sculpture
Levi Goldman
Image Aaron M. Koblin: Organic
Aaron M. Koblin
Image - Deeann Garzalarson, Flux Off

Flux Off: CCA vs. UCSC, Curated by Jennifer Parker and Tina Takemoto

A Fluxus Competition between art students from the California College of the Arts and the University of California at Santa Cruz. This spirited "competition" included a program of live performances of old and new Fluxus... [more]

Photograph by Cody Proctor
Cody Proctor

Cody Proctor
“Walking the Barbed Line”
Digital Photograph
This photo is supposed to invoke a feeling of isolation, I only focused on one point on the wire even though your eye wants to move along the line of the fence.

Jess Beckman
Connor Alexander
Connor Alexander

Oil on canvas
A storm of glowing bluish green is disrupted by pillars forming a structure that withstand the flow.