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Student Works

Break in the Storm
Emily Love

Title: Break in the Storm, Brommer Street

Medium: Oil on Paper

Year: 2018

Description: This is a painting of my favorite lighting: during a storm where there is a break in the clouds and everything lights up for a moment. This is one of my first landscape paintings... [more]

Image Aaron M. Koblin: Organic
Aaron M. Koblin
Zhen Cao
Zhen Cao
Image - Deeann Garzalarson, Flux Off

Flux Off: CCA vs. UCSC, Curated by Jennifer Parker and Tina Takemoto

A Fluxus Competition between art students from the California College of the Arts and the University of California at Santa Cruz. This spirited "competition" included a program of live performances of old and new Fluxus... [more]

Jenyea Tiffany Chang
Image of Public Art 5
Levi Goldman
Trace Monotype, Watercolor
Hannah Bourke

“Saturn Rule”

Trace Monotype, Watercolor

Saturn is a planet that represents difficult lessons, growth, personal mastery, and time. This planet holds a dominant presence in my astrological chart. The first ‘saturn’s return’ occurs between the 27th-30th years of a person's life, as... [more]

"Just Perspective" by Joseph Padpad
Joseph Padpad

Just Perspective

JP, otherwise known as Just Perspective, is a creative project.

“Just” meaning simplicity, necessity, and the righteous direction we believe individuals should abide by. “Perspective” referring to the angles we as humans see life, society,... [more]

Image of stairs


Photograph by Thomas Quinn

Photography by Thomas Quinn, Senior, Art 150 Darkroom Practices with Karolina Karlic Fall 2016. 

Image of Treehouse
Stephanie Layton

Treehouse Wall Decoration

Medium: 3/4 in ACX wood

A large-scale wood cut series that can be easily compacted and reassembled. When assembled it creates a full scene that includes detailed engravings. When comacted it creates a sense of depth and a entirely different point of view... [more]

Photography by Saul Villegas: Whimsy Snake Tree

Title: "Whimsy Snake Tree"
Medium: Digital Photograph
Year: 2020

Charlotte Grenier
Charlotte Grenier

Charlotte Grenier 
“Kelp Study 1 + 2: Blue, Yellow, Green”
Woodblock Print 
This print features two patterns found on the leaves of giant kelp. These ridges help slow the movement of water around the leaves so that they can harvest more nutrients. Fun fact: kelps are not plants... [more]