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Student Works


Star Hagen-Esquerra
“Garden of Talking Flowers”
Acrylic on Canvas
I explore loss of identity and dysphoria in this piece, as well as how such discomfort can morph, move, and blossom in unexpected ways. The influence of social pressure is represented in the mirror and the phone... [more]

Image of fox
Biqi Zeng

Final Project: Flat Pack It!

Materials: Neenah colored cardstock papers, Canson watercolor paper 9x12 and 11x15, tacky glue, white foam stickers. 

"Ive always wanted to do paper sculpture, but I was never good with an x-acto-knife. The laser cutter provided me the perfect... [more]

Photograph by Cody Proctor
Cody Proctor

Cody Proctor
“Walking the Barbed Line”
Digital Photograph
This photo is supposed to invoke a feeling of isolation, I only focused on one point on the wire even though your eye wants to move along the line of the fence.

Malia Rosburg
Malia Rosburg

Malia Rosburg

“the sun room”

... [more]

Elvert Perez photograph
Elvert Perez

Title: "Guiding Light"
Medium: Photography
Year: 2019
Description: The thing I love more than black and white photography is science fiction. I wanted to simulate the feeling of nearing ones journey, or ones ascension to whatever comes next

Zhen Cao
Zhen Cao
Image of stairs


"Just Perspective" by Joseph Padpad
Joseph Padpad

Just Perspective

JP, otherwise known as Just Perspective, is a creative project.

“Just” meaning simplicity, necessity, and the righteous direction we believe individuals should abide by. “Perspective” referring to the angles we as humans see life, society,... [more]

Katie Wood

Katie Wood
“The Looking Glass”
Canon EOS Rebel T5i

Image of Treehouse
Stephanie Layton

Treehouse Wall Decoration

Medium: 3/4 in ACX wood

A large-scale wood cut series that can be easily compacted and reassembled. When assembled it creates a full scene that includes detailed engravings. When comacted it creates a sense of depth and a entirely different point of view... [more]

Trace Monotype, Watercolor
Hannah Bourke

“Saturn Rule”

Trace Monotype, Watercolor

Saturn is a planet that represents difficult lessons, growth, personal mastery, and time. This planet holds a dominant presence in my astrological chart. The first ‘saturn’s return’ occurs between the 27th-30th years of a person's life, as... [more]