Courses for 2016-17




Coursesort icon Instructor
010F 4D Foundation Tra Bouscaren
020G Introduction to Print Media and Drawing Jimin Lee
020H Introduction to Sculpture and Public Art Dee Hibbert-Jones
020I Introduction to Photography and Digital Media Kathleen Perry - Continuing Lecturer
020J Introduction to Drawing and Painting Melissa Gwyn
020K Introduction to New Media and Digital Artmaking Elliot W. Anderson
080D Introduction to Photography Kathleen Perry - Continuing Lecturer
080T Digital Tools for Contemporary Art Practice ONLINE COURSE Kristen Gillette
080X Ars Erotica: Sexual Imagery in Culture and Art Elizabeth Stephens
101 Introduction to Computer Programming for the Arts Wes Modes
107 Introduction to 3D Graphics and Modeling Elliot W. Anderson
110 Intermediate/Advanced Drawing Noah Buchanan
119 Special Topics in Drawing Tra Bouscaren
129 Special Topics in Intermedia: Art, Sound and the Environment Dr. Yolande Harris
137 Outdoor Painters Project Peter Loftus - Continuing Lecturer
139 Special Topics in Painting Melissa Gwyn
146T Digital Illustration Brandin Barón-Nusbaum
158 Advanced Photography Norman Locks
159 Special Topics in Photography: Social Engagement in Photographic Practices Karolina Karlic
164A Screenprinting Enrique Leal
165 Print Media in Visual Communication Jimin Lee
183 Metal Fabrication Kyle McKinley
188 Intermediate/Advanced Sculpture: Foundry Sean Monaghan
189 Special Topics in Sculpture: Process Practicum - Making Sculpture in the Era of Digital Fabrication
190B Senior Project Laurie Palmer