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Student & Faculty Works

Melissa Gwyn: Fabergenic Queen Vic

Fabergenic (Queen Vic)                              
36” x 42”      
oil on panel

Laurie Palmer: Mibrag Coal Mine

Mibrag Coal Mine, digital photograph, 2016. Research photograph for exhibition

Jennifer Parker: Palmlines, Art, Design & Architecture Museum

Palmlines uses the webcam as a performance tool to capture and expose aspects of individual identity from the private setting of Parker’s studio to the public setting of the gallery. By tracing the palm-lines of her hand, Parker was able to evoke notions of palm-reading and technological modes... [more]

Jennifer Chen
Danni Tsuboi

Painting by Danni Tsuboi. Oil on bedsheet, 60"x 96" - 2009

Aaron M. Koblin
Jimin Lee: Leave the driving to us

Leave the driving to us

Laser-cut woodblock

28 x 20 in. / 71.1 x 50.8 cm       


Jimin Lee: Steam Stream

Steam Stream

 Laser-cut woodblock

28 x 20 in. / 71.1 x 50.8 cm


Jennifer Parker: sonicSENSE,  SoundPool: Oakland Museum of California’s Natural Sound archive, Gray Area foundation for the Arts

SoundPool is an interactive sound installation for viewers to dynamically interact with the Oakland Museum of California’s Natural Sounds archive. The archive of audio recordings is a comprehensive collection of nature sounds with an emphasis on California species and environments. It includes... [more]

Melissa Gwyn: Fabergenic (blue ribbon)

Fabergenic (blue ribbon)               
22” x 30”      
oil sketch on paper