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Photo Check Out Room

The photo checkout is a resource for photo students to get access to analog film cameras of various formats as well as digital SLRs and other photography accessories.  Camera handling skills are also taught here in a 1:1 student to Staff Resource Associate ratio. NOTE: The photo checkout has moved to room G104 (around the corner from its previous location). 

Examples of available equipment for student checkout:
Hasselblad 501cm (2)
Mamiya 7II (3)
Mamiya RB (1)
4x5 Toyo Field Camera (1)
4x5 Calumet Monorail Camera (2)
4x5 Busch Press Camera (1)
Variety of 35mm SLRS
Variety of Holgas and Dianas
Canon and Nikon DSLRs
Waterproof digital  point and shoot cameras
Tripods including smooth panning video heads
Light meters, flashes, shutter release cables
Floods and light stands

The checkout hours are 2pm-5pm on Tuesdays and Fridays. (Winter 2017)