FALL 2014:


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Oct. 3 - Dec. 6, 2014
Reception: October 15, 5-7pm


This exhibition couldn't have been more timely than now. Please join us as we unfold this innovative performative book into a gallery installation. The outcome of a seven-year collaboration, DOC/UNDOC, Documentado/Undocumented Ars Shamánica Performática, features Guillermo Gómez-Peña’s performance texts and Felicia Rice’s relief prints and typography, accompanied by Jennifer González’s critical commentary. The deluxe edition is housed in a hi-tech aluminum case containing a video by Gustavo Vazquez, an altar, and a cabinet of curiosities. Opening the case triggers light and Zachary Watkins’ interactive sound art.

“The book invites us to consider an ongoing tension as we navigate a world of politics and appearance, racism and immigration, self and other.”
—Jennifer A. González

Performance by Guillermo Gómez-Peña Nov. 6

Workshop with Guillermo Gómez-Peña Nov. 7



Documentado/Undocumented Ars Shamánica Performática

A traveling case for apprentice shamans
A reliquary for imaginary saints
A toolbox for self-transformation
A quiet call to heal yourself with fetishes and antidotes
A border kit to face the uncertainty of future crossings
A new project, seven years in the making

A mixed-media production housed in a hi-tech aluminum box, which contains Felicia Rice’s artists’ book
of performance texts by artist/writer Guillermo Gómez-Peña and critical commentary by art historian Jennifer González, video by artist Gustavo Vazquez, and sound art by Zachary Watkins.


The object itself carries within a crisis of identity: What is it exactly? A stage for an intimate one-on-one performance?

An unusual video screening room? A personal multi-media altar? A “vanity” used for preparing for a performance?

It is all these things and it is also an original book, a performative artists’ book in search of a new format

and a new audience. Each element stands by itself, but together they form an indescribable whole.


Also showing at Felix Kulpa, downtown Santa Cruz.

Look for some exciting events and discussions on this hot topic this fall!

More on each artist to come. Stay tuned!