Past Sesnon Gallery Exhibitions

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Black (W)hole: Celebrating Einstein

I'm Walkin' For my Freedom: The Selma March for Voting Rights

Irwin Scholars 2016: Self

The Eternal Line:  Ordinary Stories
Woodblock prints by Xiang Silou

In Conversation with UCSC Studio Art Faculty

Collective Museum with Public Doors and Windows 2016

Raymond Saunders: Black is a Color

Irwin 2015: Origins & Perceptions

An Uncommon Place: Shaping the UC Santa Cruz Campus + Rhythms of Place

Tom Franco: Co-Lab

50/50 Alumni Exhibition


Irwin 2014

From War to Home

Three Lives in Photography: Robert Dawson, Joel Leivick, David Pace

Complicated Labors exhibition and symposium

Unfixed Itineraries: innovative perspectives on Arab film and visual culture

Charles Griffin Farr: Formal Complexity 2013

Irwin 2013

The Dinner Parties: art & agriculture 2013

Deborah Barlow: Material Ephemera in the Porter College Faculty Gallery @ UCSC: 

The Harrison Studio: On Mixing Mapping and Territory


Lewis Watts: New Orleans Suite

Irwin Scholars 2012

Performance Photographs from State of Mind: New California Art Circa 1970

Katerina Lanfranco: Natural Selection

Xiaoze Xie: Resistant Archeology

Suspended in Time: Charles Griffin Farr 2011

Irwin Scholars 2011


Geoff Morten: Works On Paper [Faculty Gallery]

CHIP LORD: Public Spaces

Eleanor Gates-Stuart Finger Codes

Human Conditions

Reimagining American Realism: Works by Charles Griffin Farr

Irwin Scholars 2010

Alex Kopps: Displacement installation

Cielo/Sky II

Book as Medium

The Giving Tree

Full Disclosure 2009

Charles Griffin Farr Summer 2009

Irwin Scholars 2009

Some Assembly Required 2009  Traveling Exhibition 2010

Fuse / fureru II 2008

Charles Griffin Farr Summer 2008

Irwin Scholoars 2008

Interruption of Hierarchies 

Intervene! Interrupt! Rethinking Art as Social Practice

Gabriela León:Sunday Walk to the Zocalo of Oaxaca

GUANTÁNAMO: pictures from home 2007

Irwin Scholars 2007

Faculty Works: Fuse 2007

Erin V. Sotak 2007

Intimate Landscape with Charles Griffin Farr 2007

Hank Willis Thomas 2006

Irwin Scholars: 2006

Faculty Works: 2006

Image as Object 2006

The Rhetoric of the Pose: Rethinking Hannah Wilke 2005

Narrative Bodies 2005

Irwin Scholars: 2005

Faculty Works: 2005

Sheila Pepe 

In Finite Spaces: Doug Hall 2004

Irwin Scholars 2004

Faculty Works: 2004

Organic Matter 2004

Collapsing Histories

Irwin Scholars 2003

David Rokeby 2003

Faculty Works Part II

Faculty Works Part I

Binh Danh: 2002

Lines of Sight: Views of the U.S./Mexican Border 2002

Irwin Scholars 2002

Urban Evidence: Jody Zellen & Chris Sollars 2002

Ann Savageau: Life Line

HOLLY ROBERTS AND JULIE GREEN: Painted Psychologies 2002

KOMAR AND MELAMID: People's Choice



Dis-placements and Anxious Objects

Faculty Works:2001

Video Installations by Elliot Anderson 2000

Eating Disorders in a Disordered Culture 2000

Neural Notations 2000

CRASH! Comixs and Graphics by Art Spiegelman 1999

Bas Jan Ader 1999

The Headless Buddha 1998

Carrillo Memorial Exhibition 1998

OutInside 1998

Mortal Coil

Costanoan-Ohlone Indian Canyon Resource

Sandi Knell Tamny

Birds in Paradise 1995

Angst: Paintings by Robert Eads and Gary Epting 1995