Summer Session 2014 Art Courses

Everyone is welcome at UCSC Summer Session!  Students from other colleges, high schools, and within the community are encouraged to enroll.  Just a brief application in April for a new student account and you can enroll on May 1st.  We have an incredible variety of classes (200+) including 10 Art courses. 

 Summer Session courses are five intense weeks of 5 & 2 unit classes.  Summer Session offers smaller class size, online options, service learning, and upper and lower division courses. The tuition rate is $271 per unit for Californians and non-residents.  There are plenty of on-campus housing & dining options, open campus facilities, and tutoring available for students during Summer Session.

Already a UCSC student?  Log into on May 1st and enroll! This is a great opportunity to finish major requirements and general education units or just enjoy classes that interest you outside your major.  Summer Session Art courses for 2014 can be viewed at:

Tuesday, May 6, 2014 - Monday, July 28, 2014
Elena Baskin Visual Art Center
University of California, Santa Cruz
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