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Senior Requirements

Senior Comprehensive Requirement: Options for fulfilling requirement

1) Art majors may apply to enroll in Art 190B: Senior Project and complete a body of work sufficient for a comprehensive assessment of their work.  Senior students should meet with their respective advisers about this requirement


2) If not accepted into Art 190B: Senior Project, then the student must replace that class with another upper division studio plus have a:

Solo Show - You may have a solo show at a place of your choice (gallery, college coffee shops, Women's Center, downtown Santa Cruz, etc.) which is to be critiqued by an art professor OR...

Portfolio Review -

1. Choose one of your advanced courses in which a full time faculty member of your choice will critique your work, or

2. Make an appointment during a full-time faculty member's office hours to conduct a critique of your portfolio.

Summer Grads Only: Summer graduates should plan to complete the senior project class during the Spring quarter before they graduate, since most faculty members are not available to review portfolios or exhibits during the summer.

Honors: At this time, the Art Department does not give honors.


Procedures for Graduation

Apply for candidacy for a B.A. degree online at your student portal after the first day of the previous quarter before you plan to graduate. There is a $60.00 fee if you file late. Check with the Registrar's office for filing deadlines. The deadline is early in the quarter.

Check your student portal regarding the completion of your major requirements. Your student portal will show your degree progress and completion of your General Education requirements. Contact your college regarding satisfaction of your UC GPA, completion of the Subject A and American History and Institutions requirement, your letter grade / pass-not pass grading option ratio, and completion of the 180 credits required for a B.A. degree.

Students may be able to participate in commencement ceremonies with their peers in the spring while still having requirements to complete. If this might be the case, contact your college about completing requirements and graduating after commencement ceremonies.