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ART 106C: Virtual Open Studios Fall 2020

Virtual Open Studios Fall 2020: ART 106C - Stop Motion Animation

Instructor: Elliot Anderson

Ali Culp

I take pride in making visually beautiful works of animated art. I like playing with bright colors and different lighting effects. My favorite thing about stop motion is set building, I really enjoy creating miniature worlds that come to life on screen. The themes of my work often have to do with my experiences as a nonbinary lesbian.

Sappho's Garden from Ali Culp on Vimeo.
“Sappho’s Garden”
My final project. I made the set with a combination of handmade and found objects. The sunflowers, and puppet are made out of polymer clay. I used other objects like gemstones and real plants to embellish the set and make it feel more immersive. The backgrounds are hand painted.
“The Sunset”
The backgrounds were handpainted and the puppet was handmade with polymer clay, yarn, and scrap cloth. I used real plants that I was growing as parts of the set.
“Goddess Pants”
Paper animation about a quote from Donna Haraway’s Cyborg Manifesto. 

Bailey Jones

I am a printer, illustrator, and mixed media artist based in Santa Cruz, California. Those I love are often my inspiration. I believe art is a way of expressing tenderness between the artist and the viewer by taking time to understand and consider each other. This was my first experience with stop motion animation and I’m excited to work with it more in the future.
“Cr b (Home)” 
November 2020
This is my final project, each puppet was made using a mixture of plasticine clay and found objects. The crab shell is from Greyhound rock beach but the sand is from Seabright.
“Driving Home”
October 2020
Made using mostly paper puppets and string, this project is about a road trip I took with a friend from Oregonn to Santa Cruz. The background is a photo from the trip.
“Boots Club”
October 2020
This is a part of a two part series of found object animations. All the characters are items from around my house, the plant in the left corner is a Pothos.

Christian Oda

ANIMATOR - With a project due soon, a student struggles to find a worthwhile idea to film. 

Huan Ye
“Life As We Know It Has Changed Possibly Forever”
This is a paper animation that provides a comparison with our life before COVID-19 and after.
“Dance With Light”
This is an experiment animation discussing how the different lighting can provide a different atmosphere for the story. 
This project used the technique of green screen to remake an object animation version of the classic fairytale, Cinderella.
“Magic Pill”
This is a puppet animation. This project combines all the techniques learned in this class. It tells a 1mins story of the Magic Pill taking the character back to her childhood for a night.

Janeen Davoodzadeh

I make art to awaken a sense of beauty by bringing more beauty into being and reflecting truths. I haven’t made much animation yet, these are my first stabs at it.
“New Messages”
This is a stop-motion/2d animation about an ancient desert shaman’s vision of the future, set to music I composed.
“Beach Day”
This is an 8-second stop-motion animation of people being eaten by waves, performed with flowers, leaves, sand, rocks, and shells.
This is a claymation about defining oneself anew, dissolving and becoming.
This is my first stop-motion animation, a 12-second paper animation about a wildfire started by lightning.

Jinghao Li

video link:
video title Harry In Dreamland
This was the assignment for the 106C final project. The story was from one of my dreams. I recreate and use animation style to present it. 

video link: 
Murder Mystery
This is my first group animation project, which was really fun to see everyone’s work combine together. 

video link: 
A Milk’s Life
The story is short but very interesting. It talks about milk’s life. 

Kalen Meeks

the friend collector from Kalen Meeks on Vimeo.
Kalen Meeks
“The Friend Collector”
A puppet animation based on my childhood experiences as an avid bug collector.  The entire animation was shot on an iPhone, and the puppet and sets are all handmade and hand sewn. All the props are repurposed from found objects like popsicle sticks, kabob skewers, plastic plants, felt, cardboard, and clay.

The World That War Made from Kalen Meeks on Vimeo.
Kalen Meeks
“The World That War Made”
A stop motion paper animation based off a newspaper headline.

Egg from Kalen Meeks on Vimeo.
Kalen Meeks
An object animation using everyday objects and felt, clay, and yarn.

Kami Steele

“The 1987 UCSC Incident”
Kami Steele tells the horrific tale of a rabbit lost in the woods who unexpectedly awakens an ancient evil! Inspired by 1980s horror aesthetics, this story is one to send chills!
Song: “VHS Horror”- Lazerpunk

Michaela Martinez
FIlm inspired by a long distance relationship and migratory geese.

Mingliang Wang
ART106C Final project -- “Running forward”
I got inspiration from BNA. Here is my experience during the night.

Nicole Tarvirdian
This is a stop motion shot on iphone about seeing myself in a different era, in which I chose the renaissance era, starting out with the Creation of Man Painting and the Painting of La Scuola di Atene. We had to use wire and styrofoam or clay to create the character.
“Ghapama (Armenian Pumpkin Dish)”
This stop motion shot on iphone was for an assignment on learning green screening. I used fall decor as the characters, usually armenians like to dance so the pumpkins danced while listening to the song. This was also filmed around November so it gave fall vibes.
This stop motion shot on an iphone was an assignment to use an everyday object I use as characters, I used perfume bottles.

Reilly Mcdowell
“Construction-Stop Motion”
This is my final project for the class where I decided to animate myself creating a doll.
“Minecraft Story”
A project where we were learning how to use a green screen. I used my brother’s Minecraft figures as characters and created a cute little story
“Light and Object Animation”
A project working with at least two different lighting schemes to convey two meanings. I used two lightings to make the dream world and the real world very distinct.  

Riley Frates
“Merry Christmas” 34 seconds
A chapter of a Christmas story set in the wild west.

Sydney Geisinger

Outtasight from Sydney Geisinger on Vimeo.
This is a puppet animation inspired by the 1960’s.

Student Film The Late Night Club from Sydney Geisinger on Vimeo.
“The Late Night Club ”
A paper animation that personifies tarot cards. 

Dip In Past from Sydney Geisinger on Vimeo.
“Dip in the Past”
A green screen animation focused on a window to the past. 

Taylor Howell 
A video that represents the media intake that I experience day to day. A TV that parallels the mind of taylor, experiences and media switching back and forth like thoughts in my head… 

Theron Joyet

The Birdie from Theron Joyet on Vimeo.
“The Birdie”
The first assignment for Art 106C was to take a newspaper headline and create a story out of it. I chose the front page of the Santa Cruz Sentinel with a low rez image of a random bird flying past a family on the beach.

Good Morning! from Theron Joyet on Vimeo.
“Good Morning!” 
Final assignment of Art 106C was to capture a few scenes from a story so I chose to depict a character going about their morning routine in preparation for the longer story. 

Yi Wang
“Robot and battery”
This is my final project for class 106c. I used all the material I could find builded this puppet, and made this short animation. I tried to make it smooth, but controlling the puppet in front of the camera is much harder than I thought.
“We have always been in crisis”
This is my first try of stop motion animation, all the material comes from a magazine.
My first try of using 3d objects as material to make stop motion animation. 

Zoë Edwards
“Bird Emerges from the Fog” 
Paper animation
“Dice Game”
Found object project
“Zoë in Wonderland”
Puppet project