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VIRTUAL OPEN STUDIOS WINTER 2021: Art 106E 3D Modeling and Animation

Instructor - Elliot Anderson

Ben Schwartz

I like to see myself not only as an artist, but a storyteller and a creator. I have the fervent desire to make a world that not only feels real, but that is fantastical into a degree which inserts the viewer or player into the piece as an active agent. This is my mission as a video game artist. My artwork does dabble with graphic design, and fictional environments, however my key focus is character design. I yearn to create characters that feel alive. I aspire for the kind of character that viewers/players could identify and connect with to the degree that they could imagine themselves having a dialogue with them. I cannot emphasize enough how character representation is crucial in art, especially art in the entertainment industry.

I identify as nonbinary, and I am actively involved in the LGBTQIA+ community. My relationship between video games and my queer identity go hand in hand. For a person who struggles with gender dysphoria, video games have provided me an outlet for body positivity. They allow me to try new things and explore my identity. However, despite the freedom I find in games. I still find video games lacking in LGBTQIA+ representation for character leads. This is especially true with Triple-A company games. I want my own game characters to challenge the cis male character lead narrative that is used to often in the industry.

A bodily study to help me explore my physical self and my digital alias Lily. The images on the T-shirt are two of the various avatars I take in video games. This was made in Blender 3D.


Claire Camomile

Claire Camomile 2

“Claire’s Self Portrait”

A 3D characterization of myself modeled, sculpted, and textured in Blender. Made for Art 106E.

YouTube Link:


Claire June Apana

As a child, I was obsessed with origami because it was a means of exploring my asian heritage through art. I was mesmerized by the look and feel of origami papers; this fascinating medium allowed me the ability to create delicate art with a conventional material. 

My works focus on the concept of Impossible Realities; paradoxical ways of life that are absolute. This exposure of our human condition results from introspective thinking and a dedicated art practice. My practice utilizes various materials; both real and virtual in order to convey this notion of the impossible. I hope to inspire viewers to realize that small actions create immense change. 

The manipulation of raw materials allows me to reconstruct narratives into new forms. These become metaphors for the infinite possibilities we all contain. The potential to change our reality and the world we perceive. As we evolve, it is necessary to dedicate time and energy to our desires so that we may utilize the potential of technology in order to shift our perspective of the world we perceive. My art practice is my way of taking control by means of creation.  

Panic Pod from claire apana on Vimeo.

Panic Pod

Blender animation created completely from scratch. Original music by Claire June Apana (bass) and Tyler Lott (synthesizer).


Falling for You from claire apana on Vimeo.

Falling For You

Emotes the challenges of existing as a modern being within the city. It is all I know. It is what I love. It is what I hate. It’s a trap in which I continue to fall. 


controlled chaos from claire apana on Vimeo.

Controlled Chaos

Performance pre-Covid of a photograph of NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope imagery turned into spiral origami. 


Claire Apana 4

Apple Bowl Still Life

Still Life assignment 


Danielle Kraljevski

Danielle Kraljevski 1

Danielle Kraljevski 2

Danielle Kraljevski 3

“Danielle’s Characterization” 
A 3D render of myself in cartoon. Created in Blender for art106e


Ella Apuntar

Ella Apuntar 1

“Forest” still

Blender, rendered in Cycles


Environment scene created in Blender and rendered in Cycles.


Houming Ruan

Houming Ruan 1

Houming Ruan 2


Jacob Rozio

Jacob Rozio 1

Jacob Rozio 2

“Jacob’s 3d Self Portrait” 3d model made in Blender for Art 106E


Vimeo link:


Jenna Adkison

“Character Design”

This is a Character I made for the 3D Animation Class. My main goal was to work with hair particles but also I wanted this character to look like a dark/witch-like character you would find in a forest.


Jesus Norrod

My Modern Bathroom

Jesus Norrod 1

Jesus Norrod

“Entrance View”

Blender 2.8 Model

Using my home bathroom as reference, I have created a modern interpretation of its1970s style.


Jesus Norrod 2

Jesus Norrod

“Aerial View”

Blender 2.8 Model

A top corner view of the entire room.


Jesus Norrod 3

Jesus Norrod

“Bathtub View”

Blender 2.8 Model

A view from the perspective of the front of the bathtub.


Jesus Norrod 4


“Mirror View”

Blender 2.8 Model

A front view of the mirror and sink, with a reflection of the bathtub and towel.

“My Modern Bathroom”

This was a class final project to recreate an interpretation of a room in my house.


Julianna Cardenas

Julianna Cardenas


Kalen Meeks

Kalen Meeks 1

Kalen Meeks 2

“F#$& You”

Rendered images of a self-portrait that was 3d-modeled in Blender. 

Character Blender from Kalen Meeks on Vimeo. 


Malia Rosburg

“the sun room”

Malia Rosburg 1

Malia Rosburg 2

A 3D room I made in blender. I drew lots of inspiration from my own room as well as from the TV show Steven Universe and pinterest. 

the sun room from Malia Rosburg on Vimeo.

“the sun room”

A 3D room I made in blender. I drew lots of inspiration from my own room as well as from the TV show Steven Universe and pinterest. 


Megan Chau


Megan Chau 1


“Character Concept Sketches”

Digital media(Procreate)

These are the concept sketches I did in the process of creating my character model.


Megan Chau 2

“Model Close Up View #1”

This is a bird’s-eye view of my character model.


Megan Chau 3

“Model Close Up View #2”

This is a close-up view of my character model.

“Character Model Turntable Animation”

For my final project, I created a low-poly model of a character of my own design. This video is a turntable animation to properly show the entirety of the model.


Nathaniel Blum

“Oski Chairs”

Chairs I made inspired by PostModern, Mid Century, and Art Deco furniture design.


Nathaniel Blum

Nathaniel Blum 1

Nathaniel Blum

Nathaniel Blum 3


Philip Cook

Philip Cook

Philip Cook


Reilly McDowell

my room from Reilly McDowell on Vimeo. 

“My room” 

A 3D render of my bedroom using Blender. This is my final project for the class. 


Suzanne Lee

“The Kettle” 

Suzanne Lee 1

Suzanne Lee 2

Suzanne Lee 3

A virtual 3D model of a tiny house kitchen I designed last year. 

“The Kettle”

A virtual 3D model of a tiny house kitchen I designed last year. 


Theron Joyet

Theron Joyet “Pink Melody”

Theron Joyet 1

Theron Joyet

” Sketches”

Digital sketch done in procreate on iPad


Theron Joyet 2

Theron Joyet

” Front view”

Blender model


Theron Joyet 3

Theron Joyet

“Back view”

Blender model


Theron Joyet 4

Theron Joyet

”¾ front view”

Blender model


ART 106E: 3D animation from Theron Joyet on Vimeo.

Theron Joyet

“Pink Melody”

A character from my independent project 3D modeled in blender.


Yi Wang

Yi Wang 1

Yi Wang

Rendered image


Yi Wang


This is the final project I create for art106e - a cabinet design based on the cabinet in my room.