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ART 106O: Virtual Open Studios Fall 2020

Virtual Open Studios Fall 2020: ART 106O - 2D Animation

Instructor: Kristen Gillette

Akane Kaneko

Akane Kaneko
“Noisy City”
An abstract frame animation project with photoshop, used copyright free music from noiseless-world. Tried to represent the noises and joyfulness through multiple colors and bold movement.

Akane Kaneko
“One Day”
A unique narrative animation project with photoshop, drew a momentary life of a slightly mysterious, funny, and sad goldfish-like animal.

Cezar Cozianu
"Washington Square Walk"
This project focused on creating an animation to music. I chose to do an abstract hand drawn frame animation set to the song Washington Square, by The Village Stompers.
"Inner Earth Conspiracy" 
For this project, we used Adobe Aftereffect tools to create a text animation that was synced up to audio. I chose to do a portion from a podcast about conspiracy theories because I found it intriguing and somewhat humorous.
"Clay Struggle"
For this project, we had to create a narrative animation. I chose to create a stop-motion animation because I hadn't yet done one for this class. I also added some background and foreground elements, and a few quiet sound effects. 

Ella Apuntar
“café calendar”
2D animated narrative centered around two friends and a cafe over the course of a year.
Animated loop of a chicken running.

Janeen Davoodzadeh

I make art to awaken a sense of beauty by bringing more beauty into being and reflecting truths. I haven’t made much animation yet, these are my first stabs at it.
“Passing Trains”
This is a poem I wrote and spoke with animated text visuals and sounds I composed.
“Telepathy with a Tree Instrumental Animation”
This is a 2d frame animation of line drawings appearing and moving to the music I made.
“Swimming Gif”
This is a gif I made of someone swimming through pretty colors.

Lee-Anna Meza
Lee-Anna Meza
“2020 Daydreams”
2D/Frame Animation 
For the theme of this project I decided to go a little more abstract as far as the storyline, but I really wanted to comment on the quarantine events of this year. Personally, it has affected me very much to be at home the majority of this year and unfortunately there is so much I miss from my life before and wanted to pay somewhat of a tribute. The video is meant to be bittersweet since there are things I've enjoyed while being home as well, but ultimately I do often reminisce on the days I'm feeling down.
Lee-Anna Meza
“Grinchy Schedule”
Kinetic Text Animation
This animation was very fun to produce. I chose to use dialogue from Jim Carrey's How the Grinch Stole Christmas where he lists off his schedule after being invited to the Who’s Christmas Whobilation by Cindy Lou. This is one of my favorite movies and is very on topic for the time of year currently. I wanted to create something very light hearted and enjoyable so it seemed like a great addition to open studios as it is the close of a pretty stressful quarter and a time to wish everyone happy holidays! 

Lokinah Khan
An animation about a girl who hates her job but is comforted when she goes home.
“Tulsi Gabbard Exposes Kamala Harris”
A tweening animation that follows Tulsi Gabbard as she exposes Kamala Harris and her wrongdoings.
“Beat Tape Preview 1”
This is a 2D animation of some lines and shapes that go along with music that my friend composed. 

Megan Chau

Artist Statement:

As a form of visual storytelling, animation has always been one of my favorite mediums to work with. What draws me to animation is how it combines art and sound to create a compelling production, which is why I think it’s such a unique and interesting medium. I always aim to express my personality and creativity in all of my projects, and my animations are no different. It is my hope that anyone who watches my videos will find them enjoyable and entertaining to watch.
“Abstract Frame Animation”
This is an abstract animation that was made to synchronize with a music track. All of the frames were hand-drawn and synchronized to an edited clip of a royalty-free music track. My goal was to keep the animation simple yet aesthetically pleasing to watch.
“Delta Airlines - John Mulaney Kinetic Text”
This is a kinetic typography animation that uses an audio clip from a bit by comedian John Mulaney. I have always enjoyed Mulaney’s comedy, and wanted to try and capture his energy and humor for this project.
“Creative Struggle”
This is an animatic/animated storyboard that tells an original narrative. It combines keyframe animation and frame animation. This animatic tells the story of a young, aspiring artist who lives in a world where fantasy creatures exist alongside humans.

Odalys Juarez 
“Machinery Orchestra“
This assignment was to make a stop motion animation that correlated with sound. I chose a song called “iRobot” by Jon Bellion so I went with items that reminded me of machinery. 
“Mi Idioma“
We were instructed to make a text based video to go with a specific sound. Mine is from a poem titled “My Spanish” by Melissa Lozada Oliva. I chose this poem because I felt like it was an embodiment of how I feel about the way I speak Spanish sometimes. 
“In Remembrance“
The assignment for this one was to choose any of the previous methods and make a longer video. I went with frame animation. It is a story of a girl whose dog recently passed away so she is visiting the dog’s grave. As she's walking away, she finds an abandoned puppy and sees it as a sign. She introduces the puppy to her dog’s grave and then skips away.

Ria Devine

Ria Devine
“Come Over- Matt Watson Animatic Music Video”
An assignment to create an animation focusing on narrative.

Ria Devine
An abstract animation centered around a musical piece.

Ria Devine
“TV Star”
A rotoscope loop of a girl trapped inside a TV.

Victoria (Vika) Rafaelian

Artist Statement:

The beauty of art is being able to bring any story to life. Art can be understood in an infinite number of ways but speaks to the individual soul through its use of color, composition, form, and many other elements. My art allows me to open up the dense, colorful canvas of my mind and show it to all those who are interested and inspired by what they see.

Like any other artist, I have many stories to tell. I am most excited when I am given the opportunity to start from the beginning.
“Four Stars (SERVASI Requiem)” 
This story-driven animation was created using a mix of frame animation and keyframe animation. The narrative follows six protagonists on their journey to save the world. While it is heavily inspired by the existing story“Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure”, it follows a unique path and features original characters and hardships. It is portrayed as a memory sequence following one surviving hero’s recollection of the whole ordeal, looking back on the losses of his close friends and the challenges that they faced and overcame.
“1O6 Animation - Project 2”
This is an abstract frame animation created for the purposes of syncing with the audio that I had chosen. I played and recorded the audio myself, and while it was inspired by an existing piece of music, I changed it and put my own spin on it. This animation was meant to be lighthearted and beautiful in its own abstract way and to relate to every viewer in a different way.