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Art 106O - Virtual Open Studios Spring 2021

ART 106O 2D Animation Virtual Open Studios Spring 2021 

Instructor - Kristen Gillette

Cassandra Giannousis

Cassandra Giannousis 1

(Click image above to play GIF animation)

Image Title: Spin

Medium: digital frame animation

Description: This assignment was an introduction to animation which I later revisited at the end of the quarter. The form moves in such a way that creates the illusion of flexibility as it spins.


Cassandra Giannousis 2

(Click image above to play GIF animation)

Image Title: Paws

Medium: digital rotoscope animation

Description: This gif is composed of frames traced from a video of a cat playing which I took on my iPhone. I wanted to focus on the motion of the paws and how they curl around the surface in front.


Video URL Link:

Video Title: Odyssey

Description: I made this animatic to illustrate the phenomenon of diel vertical migration, in which zooplankton, fish, and other marine animals make a nightly migration to the surface of the ocean to feed, then return below during the day. This is the largest migration in the world by biomass and is extremely important to the ocean’s ecosystems!

Hime Kanno

“A flower for you”

For this project, we had to create a unique narrative that is about a minute long. This animation is about a boy trying to cheer his friend up with handmade flowers.

Suzanne Lee

Suzanne Lee 1

(Click image above to play GIF animation)

“My Brother is Zuko!”

Rotoscope gif.


Suzanne Lee

“A Morning, Good Night”

One-minute narrative.