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Art 10D: Virtual Open Studios Winter 2021

VIRTUAL OPEN STUDIOS WINTER 2021: Art 10D - 2D Foundation

Instructor: Sarah Sanford


Ariel Barish

Ariel Barish 1

Ariel Barish

“Basic Forms”

Graphite on paper

A simple practice to improve my drawing technique.


Ariel Barish 2

Ariel Barish

“Abstract Still Life”

Graphite, pen, India ink, charcoal on paper

A still life that explores different mediums and shading techniques, such as hatching, reductive, and stippling.


Ariel Barish 3

Ariel Barish

“Negative and Positive Spaces”

India ink on paper

A still life where I explored the negative and positive spaces with a plant.


Ariel Barish 4

Ariel Barish

“I Will Boil The Finch”

Yarn, kitchen utensils, art supplies, feathers

This is about misplaced anger and avoiding emotions.


Audrey Athena Mai

Audrey Athena Mai 1

“Abstracted Still Life”

Pencil, India ink, pen, charcoal


Audrey Athena Mai 2

“Neighborhood Walk”

Color pencil

This 2-point perspective piece incorporates my childhood home/street into a warm fantasy setting.


Audrey Athena Mai 3

“COVID-Induced Existential Dread”

Pencil, charcoal, sticker

Frottage. Thinking about how I was 18 years old when lockdown began, and how I’m turning 20 in a week.


Audrey Mai 4

“Power In Our Unity”


Inspired by recent events of anti-Asian hate crimes. As a Chinese-Vietnamese American woman born and raised in San Francisco, violence against Asian people, particularly our elders, has struck close to home in more ways than one. Colonizer “divide and conquer” strategies have terrorized our communities for long enough. We must strive for racial unity if we want to achieve decolonization, and focus on the true root of our oppression: white supremacy.


Cristina Fruehan-Vergara

Cristina Fruehan-Vergara 1

“Abstract Still Life”

Charcoal and pen

Its a still life drawing of a succulent, apple, orange, banana, dried rose, and bag of crackers.


Cristina Fruehan-Vergara 2



Its a charcoal drawing of my pillowcase. 


Fionna Chuang

Fionna Chuang 1

Fionna Chuang

“Unknown Shapes”

India Ink on Paper

A still life drawing experimenting with negative and positive spaces to create interesting as well as new, imaginary shapes.


Fionna Chuang 2

Fionna Chuang


Charcoal on Paper

A subtractive drawing illustrating the values of two t-shirts.


Fionna Chuang 3

Fionna Chuang


Mixed Media on Paper

A collage experimenting with physical, visual, abstract, and invented textures from rubbings, magazine cutouts, and various materials. 


Fionna Chuang 4

Fionna Chuang

“Pancake the Corgi”

Acrylic Paint on Paper

A pixel painting of an object that is significantly important to the artist. The painting attempts to depict subtle color shifts with a small range of values and hues to best capture the subject and background of the original image.


Hazel Kyle

I’m an artist. Daughter of healers descendent from my mothers grandmothers mother. Deeply spiritual, we know the power of touch. I am a storyteller, daughter of orators. My fathers father knew how to wield the charm called connection. I channel my ancestors. Every mark made, renders me holy. There is more than the illusion of reality. I am sensitive, meaning: strong enough to see. 

Hazel Kyle 1

Hazel Kyle

“Fabric Fold” 

Charcoal on Paper 7”x9”

This is a study of the light and shadow on a folded bed sheet in my kitchen at my dad's house, where I grew up. Concurrent with a meditation on personal balance between taking care of my friends, my own body, and the responsibility of schoolwork. 


Hazel Kyle 2

Hazel Kyle

“Rhino Gas Station”

Colored Pencil on Canvas 7”x9”

After the fall of humanity. This is Africa. A study on two point-perspective. 


Hazel Kyle 3

Hazel Kyle

“Marital Relations”

Pen on Paper 7”x9”

A study on focal point. Sex should have nothing to do with shame. 


Hazel Kyle 4

Hazel Kyle


Graphite on Paper 7”x9”

Inspired by Gyotaku fish rubbings of the 1800’s in Japan, this piece is an imitation of the European surrealist style in the 1920’s using the frottage method. Are there enough fish to feed us forever? 


Lokinah Khan

Lokinah Khan 1

Lokinah Khan

“Go Fish”

Acrylic on paper

This piece is a frottage that features warm tones. 


Lokinah Khan 2

Lokinah Khan

“I Don’t Know Anymore”


The message in this piece is supposed to convey uncertainty on a more personal level. “I don’t know anymore” being the feeling that I have gotten since the pandemic started.


Sarah Niles

Sarah Niles 1

Sarah Niles

“Drifting in and out”

Photoshop Collage


Ying Zhang

YingZhang 1

YingZhang 2

YingZhang 3