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ART 130: Virtual Open Studios Fall 2020

Virtual Open Studios Fall 2020: ART 130 - Intermediate/Advanced Painting

Instructor: Melissa Gwyn

Akilah Bussey

Akilah Bussey 1

Acrylic on canvas (24x30)
This painting was inspired by a dream I had. I thought it would be interesting to bring it to life. So I wanted to play around with textures and lighting to help give the painting a dream like feel to it.

Akilah Bussey 2

Acrylic on canvas (14x20)

Akilah Bussey 3

“Wondering Looks”
Acrylic on canvas (24x30)

Akilah Bussey 4

Acrylic on canvas (11x14)

Christy M. Yee

let’s connect 

Christy M. Yee 1

Christy Yee
28” x 22” Acrylic on Paper 
How warm it must feel to be in a pink hoodie.

Christy M. Yee 2

Christy Yee
“Certain Daydreams” 
22” x 30” Acrylic on Paper 
For the moments that did not happen.

Christy M. Yee 3

Christy Yee
“A Deep Slumber” 
11” x 14” Acrylic on Paper 

Christy M. Yee 4

Christy Yee
“May We” 
11” x 14” Acrylic on Paper 

Connor Alexander

Connor Alexander 1

Acrylic and oil on canvas
Yellow tones convey a sense of anxiety and discomfort echoed by the figure’s posture.

Connor Alexander 2

Acrylic and oil on board
The sharp geometry of the center triangle contrasts the natural soft oil paint flowing around it.

Connor Alexander 3

Acrylic and oil on board
A sense of depth is created by the tessellation, offset by the flowing oil paint dividing the composition on top of it. 

Connor Alexander 4

Oil on canvas
A storm of glowing bluish green is disrupted by pillars forming a structure that withstand the flow.

Lily Faridi

Lily Faridi 1

Acrylic on paper. Size: 11 x 15in

Lily Faridi 2

Acrylic on paper. Size: 11 x 15in

David R. A. Watson

David R. A. Watson 1

Oil on Yupo Medium 12 x 9 inches.
This monochrome explores the union of serpentines.

David R. A. Watson 2

“Shades of Mexica”
Oil on Canvas 18 x 16 inches.
An existentialist mess of subtractive painting technique.

David R. A. Watson 3

“UCSC Arboretum”
Oil on canvas 14 x 11 inches.
A study in plein air painting.

Emily Love

This is my last quarter at UC Santa Cruz, and I wanted to make the most of it, gaining as much as I could out of remote learning. As a painter, I do both realistic and abstract work inspired by nature. Observing the natural world, I am intrigued by the patterns and symbols that can be found. I try to convey my observations in my realistic paintings. When working abstractly or without a direct reference, I am still inspired by my observations but I am forced to rely solely on my perceptions and memory of them. This quarter, I have been trying to reconcile my two styles with each other. I have been attempting to be more experimental with my realistic work, while combining abstraction and realism in the same paintings. It has been a challenge, but it has helped me learn a lot about myself. I think that after graduation I will continue to work in this way, letting my different artistic styles influence each other.

Follow my instagram @emily_littledarlings to see more of my work or to keep in touch! 

Emily Love 1

Dried Artichokes
Oil on canvas

Emily Love 2

Chopping Tomatoes
Oil on panel

Emily Love 3

Unavoidable Flower
Oil on canvas

Emily Love 4

Butternut Squash
Oil on paper

Lee-Anna Meza

Lee-Anna Meza 1

Lee-Anna Meza
Acrylic on canvas

Lee-Anna Meza 2

Lee-Anna Meza
Acrylic on canvas

Lee-Anna Meza 3

Lee-Anna Meza
Acrylic on canvas
This series of paintings take on a pop art style influence while considering color theory and composition. The three fruit paintings are meant to comment on the simplicity of reality in a way that also brightens daily views with the color choices. 

Lee-Anna Meza 4

Lee-Anna Meza
“Rainbow clouds” 
Acrylic on canvas
This painting of solid color buildings below more detailed/blended colorful clouds are meant to complement each other as they contrast. My main goal in my work is to play with simplicity vs detail and solid color vs line work. 

Lokinah Khan

Lokinah Khan 1

“Floating Away”
Oil on Canvas
The light colors forming a cloud attempts to bring the viewer into a fantasy. 

Lokinah Khan 2

Oil on canvas
The yellow, blues, and pinks in the skin give this portrait a dreamlike quality.

Lokinah Khan 3

“A Dark Path”
Oil on canvas
Moody tones are conveyed through this dark piece by the black trees that surround the path that is mixed with red, blue, and black.

Lokinah Khan 4

Oil on canvas
This portrait attempts to convey melancholy emotions through the cool tones of the skin and the light blue background that obscures parts of the subject.

Odalys Juarez

Odalys Juarez 1

“Hidden Monsters“
Acrylic on Canvas
This painting is part of a three-painting-series. The covering of the face is meant to show an overwhelming sensation one feels on a daily basis. Each person chose their color in order to represent their own feelings. The removal of any facial feature shows the obscurity one feels, while also added a sense of eeriness.

Odalys Juarez 2

“Inner Demons“
Acrylic on Canvas
This is also part of the three-painting-series. This one was the first piece to the series. I had spent most of my time not knowing where I was going with it and what I was doing. In the end, I started going over the painting with random lines, cringing every time I did so. This was the end result so far.

Odalys Juarez 3

Acrylic on Canvas 
This one was just an abstract painting where I was trying to let loose. I just experimented with the primary colors and tried my best not to think about what I was doing.

Odalys Juarez 4

“Perfectly Splendid“
Acrylic on Canvas
This was the final part of the three-painting-series. The hair, to me, is still a work in progress as I am not satisfied with it. This one isn’t as eerie as the first one on the list but it does display a hint of obscurity. It shows a deeper feeling like something is missing.

Theron Joyet

Theron Joyet 1

“Unidentified Hot Sauce”
Water mixable oil paint on bristol board 
Capturing the unmistakable beauty of a certain brand of hot sauce while still in it’s bottle shaped cocoon.

Theron Joyet 2

“A Delicious Beginning”
Water mixable oil paint on gessoed bristol board 
Not so much a beginning as a middle as on it’s way to being a complete mess. While delicious it is not edible.

Theron Joyet 3

“A Delicious End”
Water mixable oil paint on gessoed bristol board 
A continuation of the previous painting and my first time experimenting with the pallet knife. Turned into a surprisingly fun and new way to apply paint.
(WARNING - also not edible)

Theron Joyet 4

Water mixable oil paint on gessoed bristol board 
A culmination of everything I’ve learned so far. The pallet knife is quickly becoming my favorite tool and I’ll continue painting milk cartons.

Yu-Hsuan Su

Yu-Hsuan Su 1

Yu-Hsuan Su 2

Yu-Hsuan Su 3

Yu-Hsuan Su 4