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Art 169-01 - Virtual Open Studios Spring 2021

ART 169-01 Special Topics in Printmaking: Mixed Media and Alternative Print Processes Virtual Open Studios Spring 2021 

Instructor - Sarah Sanford

Sarah Lynn

Sarah Lynn 1

Title: “Hitachi Invites You to… The Outlet You Need to Cope”

Medium: Gel plate print and collage on paper

Year: 2021

Description: A light-hearted rumination on masturbation and self pleasure. 


Sarah Lynn 2

Title: “Untitled (Ecoprint)”

Medium: Ecoprint and colored pencil on paper

Description: Experimentation with a new process and natural materials.


Sarah Lynn 3

Title: “Untitled (Ecoprint) Detail”

Medium: Ecoprint and colored pencil on paper

Description: Detail image of “Untitled (Ecoprint)”.


Sarah Lynn 4

Title: “Soul”

Medium: Relief print and stencil on paper

Description: This print draws on ideas from Jewish mysticism of the breath and candle flame each containing a soul. One is not supposed to blow out a candle because it would mean taking a soul with a soul. The work also plays on the idea of a fiery and fierce heart driving a person courageously through life. This is something that we all posses that lives within us.

Shelby Dinh

Shelby Dinh 1

Shelby Dinh


Series of 3 Anthotypes on Arnhem paper

This series explores the idea of time passing through light and shadow.



Shelby Dinh 2

Shelby Dinh


Mixed media eco print with ink and gel plate collage on Arnhem paper

This piece explores the idea of impermanence. The print creates an effect that looks as if the materials on the print are slowly dissipating as the viewer’s eye moves towards the bottom of the print.



Shelby Dinh 3

Shelby Dinh

“Who Are You?”

Mixed media relief print combined with gel plate collage and gouache on digitally printed kozo paper

This piece explores my personal identity and culture through the symbolism in the dragon as well as the contrasting elements of the floral background and the graphic design of the dragon.


Shelby Dinh 4

Shelby Dinh


Mixed media collage using gel plate printing techniques, ink, and marker on Arnhem paper

This collage discusses the integrity of the fishing industry and big corporations who fund

unsustainable fishing practices solely for profit.