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ART 169-02: Virtual Open Studios Fall 2020

Virtual Open Studios Fall 2020: ART 169-02 - Special Topics in Printmaking - Monotype and Mixed Media 

Instructor: Sarah Sanford

Cassidy Skillman 

Cassidy Skillman 1

Cassidy Skillman
At Home (3 States)
Ecoprints on Arnhem, Anthotypes on Arnhem 
As the sun goes down in my backyard the shadows casted on the house slowly flow up the wall allowing light to catch the gardenia plant. 

Cassidy Skillman 2

Cassidy Skillman
The Dance
Apple Leaf Ecoprints, Linocut Hands on Arnhem, Fishing Line
This printstallation was important to me to create in 2020 because it allowed for a calm interaction with the public. It creates a space for visual relaxation and elemental appreciation. As the piece dances in the wind, the forms have a light and airy quality that is hard to find in the public world today. By taking a minute to forget about the parameters of reality and by paying close attention to a small moment maybe we can feel the release of pressure on the natural and mortal spirit. 

Cassidy Skillman 3

Cassidy Skillman
The Dance (Close-up)
Apple Leaf Ecoprints, Linocut Hands on Arnhem

Cassidy Skillman 4

Cassidy Skillman
Truth Seekers Search
Gel Print on Arnhem, Acrylic
This print reflects on the choice to gather answers and gain understanding. Surrounded by information, I feel I must search carefully for the answers I seek. 

Connor Alexander

Connor Alexander 1

“Renamed - part 1”
Acrylic transfer and linoleum print on kozo paper
Part 1 of 2 - made to be used as a wallpaper for an installation, this piece uses imagery that evokes transgender narratives in conjunction with part 2 - particularly in regards to gender affirmation surgery.

Connor Alexander 2

“Renamed - part 2”
Acrylic transfer print on Arnhem paper
Part 2 of 2 - made to be used as a wall hanging for an installation, this piece combines with part 1 to create an immersive space that evokes themes of gender affirmation.

Connor Alexander 3

“Leg of Mailman”
Turmeric exposure images on Arnhem paper
This series conveys a passage of time through moving shadows and the passing figure of my mailman.

Connor Alexander 4

“Le Plante”
Ecoprint, marker, and acrylic transfer on Arnhem paper
This series of modified ecoprints seeks to bring attention to the natural shapes and patterns formed from locally foraged materials, imparting a sense of environment and location.

Hannah Bourke

Hannah Bourke 1

Hannah Bourke 2

Hannah Bourke 3

Hannah Bourke
“Embodied Light”
In this series of Anthotype prints I am exploring the body’s innate expressiveness and beauty. These images came about during the funeral burial of my beloved grandfather, the mystery and wondering of where the soul goes when it leaves the body, and deep gratitude for the opportunity to be in a human body during this time of transformation on our planet.

 Hannah Bourke 4

Hannah Bourke
“Time of the Seasons”
Eco Print with Mono Gell Plate Prints
This piece explores different media of printmaking using the fallen leaves of autumn and foraged plants to create an earthy wall hanging that imbues the viewer with feelings of seasonal beauty and warmth.  


Kalen Meeks

Kalen Meeks 1

Kalen Meeks
8.5” by 11”
Gel press plate monotype (single and two color) on paper, acrylic paint, mixed media

Kalen Meeks 2

Kalen Meeks
“Succumbing to Time”
5.5” by 22”
Ink on fabric, ecoprint on Arnhem, gel plate monotype on digital kozo

A timeline of decomposition that focuses on ephemerality through imagery created using natural materials.

Kalen Meeks 3

Kalen Meeks
3x 8.5” by 11”
Turmeric Anthotypes on Arnhem

Kalen Meeks 4

Kalen Meeks
“Let Them Eat Rats”
Linocut on Arnheim, digital kozo, and cardstock
A print installation focused on visually confronting America’s wealth gap. The work forces a conversation about class through the juxtaposition of these two opposing aesthetics. It broadcasts the opulence and excess of the upper class alongside the cruel conditions they create for the working class. 

Lauren Baldock-Wood

Lauren Baldock-Wood 1

Lauren Baldock-Wood
Ecoprint with Gel Plate Printing Details

Lauren Baldock-Wood 2

Lauren Baldock-Wood

Lauren Baldock-Wood 3

Lauren Baldock-Wood
“Cultivate Resilience”
Collage with Gel Plate Printing Details and Thread

Natalia Ramirez

Natalia Ramirez 1

“SketchbooK Assignment”
Acrylic paint with gel plate

Natalia Ramirez 2

“Walk to the Park”
Ecoprint with gel plate accordion book

Natalia Ramirez 3

“Walk to the Park”
Ecoprint with gel plate accordion book

Natalia Ramirez 4

“Tree Windows”
Linoleum reduction relief print with gel plate printmaking.