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ART 189-02: Virtual Open Studios Fall 2020

Virtual Open Studios Fall 2020: ART 189-02 - Special Topics in Sculpture - Exploring Concepts of Materiality in Foundry & Beyond

Instructor: Sean Monaghan

Cezar Cozianu

Cezar Cozianu 1

Cezar Cozianu
"Tactile Update"
Bronze and mixed media
This sculpture's map contains bars that represent the number of COVID-19 in each state. Thicker bars always represent higher case numbers. Having seen so much of this pandemic digitally, I wanted to play with that idea and create a tactile representation of the current pandemic in lieu of the digital information. 

Sage Alucero Juarez 

Artist statement: “Coatlicue” is a replica of a Mexica/Aztec statue that was excavated near El Templo Mayor in Tenochtitlan, Mexico. She the mother of the gods and is represented in this piece with two serpents in place of her severed head. I created this piece as a way to honor my lineage and connect to 

Sage Alucero Juarez  1

Sage Alucero 
Bronze sculpture, fresh flowers, altar cloth 

Sage Alucero Juarez  2

Sage Alucero 
Bronze Sculpture, digital editing 

Sage Alucero Juarez  3

Sage Alucero 
Bronze sculpture, digital editing

“Pandemic”  Group Bronze Piece

Eight students create a section for a group bronze sculpture with the “Pandemic” theme.

Pandemic_Group_Piece 1

9” Wax spherical base, being divided into eight sections to be distributed to students.

Pandemic_Group_Piece 2

Eight wax sections sculpted by each student, to be cast into bronze. 

Pandemic_Group_Piece 3

Assembled Wax sculpture elements into two halves, four sections each.

Pandemic_Group_Piece 4

Gated wax sculptures, being coated with ceramic mold material.

Pandemic_Group_Piece 5

Ceramic mold around wax sculpture being burned out in the ‘lost wax’ method. 

Pandemic_Group_Piece 6

Bronze being cast into empty ceramic mold.

Pandemic_Group_Piece 7

Bronze sculpture after removal of ceramic mold.

Pandemic_Group_Piece 8

Two halves welded together and prepared for patina.

Pandemic_Group_Piece 9

Sculpture undergoing hot-patina staining process.

Pandemic_Group_Piece 10

Finished Bronze “Pandemic” sculpture by eight student Artists.

Pandemic_Group_Piece 11

Ava Shields 
Cast Bronze

Pandemic_Group_Piece 12

Cezar Cozianu
Cast Bronze

Pandemic_Group_Piece 13

Selena Hyon
“Stay Inside”
Cast Bronze

Pandemic_Group_Piece 14

Kaelene Jensen 
“Ripple in Time”
Cast Bronze

Pandemic_Group_Piece 15

Abigail McPhillips 
Cast Bronze

Pandemic_Group_Piece 17

Sage Alucero
“Amazon Lungs”
Cast Bronze

Pandemic_Group_Piece 18

Lucia Lazaro 
“The Club is Open”
Cast Bronze

Pandemic_Group_Piece 19

Lesly Linares 
Cast Bronze