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ART 20G: Virtual Open Studios Fall 2020

Virtual Open Studios Fall 2020: ART 20G - Introduction to Print Media and Drawing

Instructor: Sarah Sanford

Andrea Vidales

Andrea_Vidales 1

House by the water
Drypoint; Digital Painting

Andrea_Vidales 2

Together Forever
Trace Monotype

Andrea_Vidales 3

Extremely Cruel Practices

Andrea_Vidales 4

The Exquisite Corpse
Woodcut relict on Kozo Paper

Itzel Rios

Itzel Rios

“Growing Color”
Akua intaglio ink, watercolor, & color pencil on Arnhem printing paper 
This trace monotype art piece was created by tracing a photograph and a rose sketch creating a harmonious print.

Itzel Rios 2

“Beautiful Facade”
Akua intaglio ink and charcoal on kozo paper
This dark-field reductive monotype is composed of a perfume bottle, outline of lips, and a posed hand.

Itzel Rios	3

“Better Together”
Akua intaglio inks on kozo paper
This relief woodcut print is of a hybrid design combining a zebra and an elephant walking on grass.

Itzel Rios	4

“Unforseen Goodbyes”
Akua intaglio ink on kozo and Arnhem printing paper 
This pochoir poster portrays 2020 as a year of sadness following death.

Juan Gaito

Juan Gaito 1

Juan Gaito
“Colored Drypoint Landscape”
Akua Ink and colored pencils on Arnhem paper/ Drypoint Print
The print was made after a landscape I saw and took a picture of while going to San Diego last summer. One can find different textures, landforms, plants, and a water mass (the ocean). Being able to capture so much that encapsulates a landscape in my mind is in my final piece. 

Juan Gaito 2

Juan Gaito
“Positivity vs. Negativity in the year 2020.”
Akua Ink on Arnhem, Kozo, and magazine paper/ Pochoir/Stenciling Print
This Pochoir poster attempts to communicate the idea of pushing down the negativity of 2020 and looking/choosing the positivity. The character above negative words such as depression, hate, pain, and loss is on top of them, seemingly having risen above and continuing to push down on the negativity. Their hands open and their head raised, appearing to have looked up from their once cradled and weak position towards the words of unity, hope, and love, which are being raised by arms/hands. The piece is meant to show many different ideas, and I partially want to leave it up to the viewer. One can see maybe that while 2020 was a challenging year and many of us were left cradling ourselves from all the negativity around us when we look up, we can see the overwhelming positives this year has brought. People united against hate, corruption, racism, etc. People inspiring hope with things such as a vaccine, a new president for the US, protests worldwide for things such as BLM, or the Hong Kong protests. Individuals feeling the love as being in lockdown involved many being locked in with friends or family and becoming closer to others. As well as people marrying and finding relationships increased people’s feelings of love during this troubling time. In a time where negative emotions can overcome us, we must raise our heads and look towards the future with an optimistic outlook if we are to rebuild after Corona. 

Juan Gaito 3

Juan Gaito
Akua Ink on Kozo Paper
This print includes a wolf, lobster, koi fish hybrid as a new species carved into a block of maple wood and then printed on Kozo paper that was printed ahead of time with a blend roll background of light pink and dark pink. The new species “Wolobsterish” ((wol)f l(obster) f(ish)) seems to be swimming, and one is left to wonder, where is it going? Where would we see this species? Where does this new species lie on the food chain? One can speculate; however, the answer is just as ambiguous as the species itself. 

Karina Molina

Karina Molina 1

Akua inagluo ink and watercolor on arnheim printing paper
This piece is a trace monotype, created by tracing an image and watercoloring it

Karina Molina 2

Akia inaglio ink and watercolor on arnheim printing paper
This piece is a drypoint print of a backyard, which was then worked back into with watercolor

Karina Molina 3

“The Beast”
Akua intaglio ink on kozo paper
This relief woodcut is of several parts of several animals in order to form one

Karina Molina 4

“Bash a Fash”
Akua intaglio ink on kozo and arnheim paper
This poster is one that represents the we should all have toward the violence of facism going from 2020 into 2021

Leica Tran

Leica Tran 1

Leica Tran
“bog standard”
Akua ink on etched plexiglass

Leica Tran2

Leica Tran
“I am looking with barely any respect”
Assorted media on paper

Mohini Batish

Mohini Batish 1

“Subtractive Charcoal Cats”
This piece was made using the subtractive method- the white parts of the image are erased. 

Mohini Batish 2

“Catbird Woodblock”
I carved this after transferring an original sketch of this creature I came up with. 

Mohini Batish 3

“Catbird Blockprint”
Intaglio Ink; black, yellow ochre 
It is half tiger, half bird. 

Mohini Batish

“Stencil Sketch”
Pochoir, stencil, intaglio ink  
A stencil piece representing my personal life during quarantine.

Sarah Lynn

Sarah Lynn 1

Ink on Paper
This creature was inspired by the television show Over the Garden Wall and my interest in nature. 

Sarah Lynn 2

Ink, Charcoal, and Pencil on Paper

Sarah Lynn 3

Ink, Charcoal, and Watercolor on Paper